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  1. Yes thank you Frank! Also thanks to everyone who responded and thanks to Jon for the tips on addons. My testing with this led me to believe it was something like what Frank found. Love your products.
  2. Thanks for reply, good to know it's not just me and you are on a much better system.
  3. Flying with the latest update, I'm getting a 10 to 15 fps drop around the opera house and bridge. Frames are 10 less anywhere near downtown. Deleted cache, reinstalled, still the same. Worked great before the update and without the scenery installed.
  4. Starting, taxing and flying the Spitfire then a short tour of Santa Barbara Airport. Bonus footage for anyone having trouble sleeping! Not using as much scenery as I did in previous sims, but just love the detail.
  5. Planned on making this video long ago, but life got in the way a little. Still love this scenery.
  6. Finally did some flying around Burbank. Love this add on!
  7. That would have been the best coarse of action. Being in a sim I decided I still had enough runway after the aircraft, so I landed. Not the best decision making.
  8. Thanks for the update. Frame rates are much improved. Hold short looks a little off.
  9. I was so surprised when I saw the smoke after takeoff. Wow. Oh, and yes the airport looks fantastic.
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