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  1. I have two US cards that do not charge the 3.5% currency fee but still use the same exchange rate as the other cards. Maybe there is something similar in the UK.
  2. Is it possible to pay in AUD rather than USD since my credit card does not charge the 1% conversion overhead?
  3. Downloading EU Germany North from FTX Central was at 14kb/sec and estimating 17 hours so I closed it and tried the manual download link using IDM download manager. That finished in 20 minutes at my usual 7mb/sec. Install after download was very easy. No reboot or changes in between. CDN was selected in FTX Central. I'm sure you will figure out the FTX Central problem although it must be very frustrating.
  4. As I mentioned Bruce, one airport I downloaded this morning was my normal fast speed (even with the thousands of miles from Ohio to Australia) but after that lots of failures on the others. That's definitely not my normal behavior. However, I'm glad it's working for most of the other people. I'm sure whatever is happening will sort itself out and I'll be back in business soon. It's just very odd it's happening to some of us since that is not my usual experience with Orbx.
  5. Orbx downloads have always been very fast for me until today. One of the downloads today was my normal fast speed but not so for the others. I plan to be patient and it will work itself out but it's definitely odd.
  6. I'm experiencing the same slow or failed downloads although I had one this morning that was fast like normal. Probably time will sort things out but the problem definitely exists.
  7. I'm up to date on patches for all 3 products along with the latest Orbxlibs 130909 (installed last). I did install the PNW demo two days ago before purchasing PNW but used the uninstaller before I installed the paid version.
  8. I have FTX Global, AU and PNW. When I select FTX Global in FTX Central everything in scenery.cfg looks fine. However, when I select either AU or PNW scenery.cfg contains entries for both AU and for PNW. Shouldn't I see either AU entries (if AU region is selected) or PNW entries (if PNW region is selected) instead of both?
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