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  1. Dear Larry Appreciate your attention. I admire the competence of your work and all this team. Baptista
  2. https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aeroporto_de_Uberaba sbur city with one of the largest TMAs in central Brazil. I would be very pleased with this work. Thanks to the producers and a Merry Christmas and New Year
  3. good afternoon, Could inform if there is need to install this add for use with the FTX Open LC, in my case I am using the FS Global Ultimate NG. Thanks, Baptista
  4. Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful. Actually artist work these takes. Our green is quite real in combination with our tropical climate. I will only make VFR panoramic flights in the next few years. Thank you for this project. Baptista
  5. Yes, please, Mr. John, I agree with the cmde. Zazaboeing, some shots of the Brazilian terrain. The official territorial area of the country is 8,515,767,049 kmĀ² We have forests, rivers, mountains and an immense Atlantic coast. Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre... Give us this appetizer, thank you.
  6. Beautiful takes, taking advantage would be possible to visualize some type OLX SA Brazilian. thank you .
  7. It is these mountains in conjunction with the Amazon rainforest that provide moisture to about 40% of the planet.
  8. Great images of our neighbor and brothers with white and blue flag. This will compensate for the Guarulhos / Ezeiza flight. Thanks
  9. Anyway, Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful. Beautiful work. It brightened up my weekend. thanks for the update
  10. Great shots, I'm calmer because we still have rainforests. Amazonia the lung of the world. Baptista
  11. Ok Farman, and TigerTigerM, now with this launch LC South America you will have great flights from the region of Patagonia to Colombia, viewing the entire Andes Mountains, as well as our Brazilian region. Paulo Ricardo is a great appraiser I am sure that will enrich this project of Orbx.
  12. Great shots. Now, I am going to rediscover this beautiful continent. Swampy regions in the north center, the mountain ranges and our rich coastline. Thanks for the pictures, Baptista.
  13. According to the suggestion of Mr. John Venema, which region of South America would you most like to see in detail? Each country on this continent has a particular demographic characteristic. The Legal Amazon and the Andes Mountains govern the climate of this beautiful and immense region. I will take the initiative and suggest, Andes Mountain Range, Legal Amazon, southeast region of Brazil including coastline. Thanks to all who can suggest. Baptista
  14. requests SBUR region of livestock and agriculture in the Brazilian geographic center Looking forward to the Open Lc South America. Thanks for the previous scenarios
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