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  1. I did, I noticed that other areas like LEBL The texture of close by airports are also missing I have used rextexture direct and I think this is what is causing this issues. Is there a way to recover the original textures? thxs
  2. As the pic shows some of the textures are missing, any way to fix it?
  3. Every time I open FTX it gives an update notice, should I be concerned or is there a fix for it?
  4. While FTX Central was extracting EU TruEarth HD I received this error message, what should I do? thanks
  5. I uninstalled KSFF and reinstalled to see if would fix it but no luck. LAT: N47 43.74 - LON W1170.00
  6. Is there a way to fix it? thanks. LAT: N47 43.74 - LON W1170.00
  7. Well that didn't help me at all, So let me try again. Could someone take a look at the pic above and tell me how to fix this issue?
  8. Thanks, Tim, that fixed the problem. Do I still need the PNG-Holgermesh ?
  9. I have FS Global Ultimate - The Americas (FS9/FSX/P3D) (Standard) FS Global Ultimate - Asia, Oceania (FSX/P3D) (Standard incl. AFM) FS Global Ultimate - Europe, Africa (FSX/P3D) (Standard incl. AFM)
  10. Hi Tim, I have installed and moved the slider from 2m to 5m and tried 1m but no luck. Is there a particular order where this mesh has to be? right now is on top of everything. thanks
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