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  1. Jon Clarke's post in Northern Ireland airports issue was marked as the answer   
    The first thing I notice is that your Traffic 360 Airport Facilities is way too high in the scenery library order. You need to place it way down the bottom, maybe just above Propeller. Then try a flight at EGAC. See if it works.The other thing you can do is open the 360 Airport Facilities folder and search for EGAC. Then just move it temporarily to your desktop and try a flight at EGAC again, Report back. If it works then put the file back into you Airport Facilities folder but rename it AFX_EGAC.BGL.OFF
  2. Jon Clarke's post in Texture peeling in SAK PACV runway 27 was marked as the answer   
    Thanks Nick. The only Region I don't own!
  3. Jon Clarke's post in EGTG Filton half covered by ground after installing OpenLC/Vector. was marked as the answer   
    Did you run the Vector Airport Elevations Correction tool after installing ALL your addons and also did you instal the FTX orbxlibs?
  4. Jon Clarke's post in Tucson Area Airports was marked as the answer   
    First response to your problem is:  did you install with Central set at Global,did you install latest orbxlibs after installing Vector,  and did you run the Vector AEC tool and when the tool had finished running did you click on Apply before exiting AEC, did you change regions in FTX Central a couple of times and apply each time before returning to Global and applying?
  5. Jon Clarke's post in N.California Golden Gate Bridge colour was marked as the answer   
    Cancel this. I was looking at the wrong bloody bridge !!!!!!!

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