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  1. Hi I cannot see a Support Ticket so I ask you to give me a Ticket number so I can look it up. The log file I would need is the XP11 Log file and the Orbx Central log file. The Orbx central log file is probably the one that is large and you could try to Zip it. @Steve Raycraft @Nick Cooper this appears to be an installation issue requiring Orbx central support after the log files are submitted. Nick , please check if there is a support ticket raised for this. Thanks
  2. I recall doing a lot of research at the time of first reports of a FPS hit at EGNM. These reports were few relatively speaking. I can only link you to you the posts in this topic where I give my XP settings and comment about use of Vulkan and the effect of high demand payware planes like the Zibo. I also don't use VR which can also have a serious effect on FPS. You will see that in the Cirrus, I was getting 30FPS in the area of concern and running Traffic global at 70%. There are obviously going to be differences in performance(FPS) depending on PC specs, plugins, XP settings and planes used. There is no plan as far as I am aware to any further updates to EGNM
  3. Both the airports you mention are either the default ones that are in TE Southern Spain or you have 3rd parry addons. The default ones are fixed as far as removing duplicate buildings is concerned. To get things like floodlight poles changed etc would be either up to Laminar ( for the default airport) or for the Developer of the 3rd party addon like Aerosoft if that is the Developer's addon you are referring to.
  4. I confirm it is True Earth. Regarding resolution, it is Zoom Level 17 for the HD version and Z:16 for the SD version.
  5. A scenery addon is what you purchase or obtain as freeware and enhances the scenery like the True earth addons you have in your scenery_packs. With Orbx Central you are able to create a "Library" outside of the actual XP11 installation onto another or other disk drives. You create them and name them and then you link them, via Orbx central, to the XP11 directory/Custom Scenery folder. Seethe attached User Guide and look at page 19 It appears that is what you are currently doing. I have made slight adjustments to your scenery_packs.ini. scenery_packs.ini Central User Guide.pdf
  6. They look like True Earth. You can tell by the various colouring of the ground textures etc. I have slightly adjusted your scenery_packs for you. Nothing major. scenery_packs.ini
  7. A couple of ways to check. First make sure the True Earth files are in the Custom Scenery folder and appear in the scenery_packs.ini The other way is for you to post a pic, outside view looking down and I will be able to tell if its TE. When you post a pic amke sure you tell me what TE addon it is supposed to be.
  8. I will need to refer this to our Developer and Orbx central colleagues. @Marcus Nyberg @Ed Correia for comment please
  9. @Marcus Nyberg for comment please.
  10. Sorry about the feedback that indicates no change. As far a s I am aware there is no difference in content from the DD version to the Orbx version. Only the installation process differs. We have checked the installation and it is correct. To check if there is any conflict with another of your addons please conduct this small test. Rename your custom Scenery folder to Custom Scenery.x Make a new Custom Scenery folder. Copy and paste EPWA and Global Airports into the new folder. Run XP and exit Make sure EPWA is above Global Airports in the scenery_packs.ini. Choose a flight at EPWA and report back please.
  11. Try this revised scenery_packs,ini. Replace your existing one with the one attached below. scenery_packs.ini
  12. It has been quite a reported issue when flying jetliners or similar and the cpu/gpu combo unable to keep up with the loading requirement. Low and slow normally has none of those problems plus a fast SSD or NVMe. USB 3 helps as well.
  13. Please attach a copy of your scenery_packs.ini as it may be a layering issue
  14. There are several instances of that kind of error message when studying the XP log file. However, they do not affect performance or the addon's integrity unless these error messages appear On Screen. Many are remnants of previous OrbxLibsXP files. Do you get an On Screen message about missing files
  15. Here is a reworked scenery_packs.ini. Replace your existing one with this attached copy and report back please. I am hoping it resolves your issue but even if it doesn't, keep this one as it is correctly layered. If the issue persists we will pursue other avenues of investigation scenery_packs.ini
  16. Your scenery_packs layering is all wrong and other addons are masking some of the Ture Earth content. I will get back to you with a revised Scenery_packs.ini
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