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  1. I attach 2 pics of what I see at the parking gates of LSZH Your scenery_packs looks OK Regarding comparisons with Navigraph I cannot help you as I don't use it, however your question regarding that aspect would be better asked at the Aerosoft forum as Aearosoft are responsible for all support with their addons. Aerosoft are using Orbx Direct as a retail outlet under the Partnership programme but remain responsible for Support requests. To check your addon you could try this addon isolation test to see if you are getting any duplications or interference with LSZH Rename your Custom Scenery folder to Custom Scenery.bak Make a new Custom Scenery folder Drag and drop or make shortcuts for the LSZH folders into the new Custom Scenery folder along with Global Airports Run XP11 at LSZH and see if there is any difference. This test will show if there is anything wrong with the addon as it will be isolated from all other addons.
  2. Drop this into the Earth nav data folder replacing the existing one. See if this does anything apt.dat
  3. If I understand you correctly then Orbx Central is not TEGB Central so TEGB Central is compatible with Mac. I am assuming you installed the Mac copy of Orbx Central as you have successfully installed TE SoCal. Clear Temp folder using Orbx Central/settings/downloader Run Verify Files for TEGB Reboot then try this: Rename Custom Scenery folder to Custom Scenery.bak Make new Custom Scenery folder Drag and drop TEGB Central files into the new Custom Scenery folder plus Global Airports. Nothing else. Start XP11 and exit. Open scenery_packs and make sure it is layered like this: SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Global Airports/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Orbx_A_GB_Central_TrueEarth_Custom/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Orbx_B_GB_Central_TrueEarth_Overlay/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Orbx_C_GB_Central_TrueEarth_Orthos/ If possible disable plugins. Load a flight in TEGB Central and only use the default Cessna 172 for a test flight. Report back
  4. I cannot think of anything to offer you as further advice that would not involve an upgrade of at east a part of your PC. Do you use any other plugins other than 3jfps? AI Traffic programme?
  5. Please attach your scenery_packs.ini so i can check it. You also need to ensure you have Runways follow terrain ticked in your XP11 settings Also please confirm you have OrbxLibsXP installed https://orbxdirect.com/product/orbxlibs-xp11?sqid=a0d5c372daebdc258c716bdee44750e7-1
  6. I am reluctant to comment other than X-Organiser is/was not necessarily compatible with True Earth addons as it will place them incorrectly when disabled and then reenabled by that tool. The Dev of X-Organiser had a chat a few months ago with our True Earth Dev and I was led to believe that a newer version of the tool was released which dealt with the issues. You may want to contact the X-Organiser Dev and/or check that you have the latest version. I cannot confirm however that the newer version has rectified the issue as I do not use it.
  7. I have revised your scenery_packs for you. You had too many incorrect layering placements that would be affecting or masking TEGB addons, like SFD Global, X-Europe and GB Lights (TEGB has lights) scenery_packs.ini
  8. Hi Juergen No that is not the Orbx EGHI addon that is showing. Can you confirm that you also have OrbxLibsXP installed? https://orbxdirect.com/product/orbxlibs-xp11?sqid=a0d5c372daebdc258c716bdee44750e7-1 Please attach your scenery_packs.ini for me to look at. (not a pic of the .ini but a text copy) @Nick Cooper please move this to the Support section as it is not a product bug
  9. Thanks for the feedback. To try and get the conversion to work we need to try the following: 1.Use Orbx Central to uninstall TEGB Central 2.Reboot PC 3. Open Orbx Central/settings/downloader and scroll down to Conversions and click on the down arrow and choose Moderate a shown in the attached pic. 4. Reinstall TEGB Central If that fails then please attach your Orbx Central log file by using Orbx Central/settings/help ad use a text editor to attach a copy of your Orbx Central log file as shown in pic below. I may well need to pass this issue over to the Orbx Central Support team as it appears to be a probable installation issue
  10. I will go through your scenery_packs and optimise it. I will attach it when I have finisg=hed OK.
  11. Hi. The pic of the error message is exactly what I need. When reinstalling the TE addons please do one at a time and do a test flight in the region you have just installed so we can test it. Don't load them all and then start testing. Your free space is getting better, but having only one disk drive means you need to need to take care. If you have the make Backups option enabled in Orbx Central (see pic) it will store all the downloads from Orbx onto that drive as well which is using up space. If you have decent internet speed I suggest you untick the Backups option. If you uninstall an Orbx addon in Orbx Central and then go to reinstall it, it will read from the Backup copy as it will also do if you run the Verify Files option. If the original download is corrupted somehow, the a corrupted copy of the download will be installed and the issue perpetuates. I therefore recommend you delete the Backups prior to reinstalling the TE addons. The location of Backups storage place in Mac will be different from the location in the pic as that is from Windows, but I expect you will know the Mac equivalent.
  12. Is there any improvement if you untick the Draw Shadows on Scenery ans also reduce the Antialiasing down a notch. Also what is your screen resolution? It sounds like a PC issue where the scenery loading is using almost all the resources for a time that then introduces the fps loss. You also have addons like x-europe sitting above the True Earth addons which 9s incorrect and will cause issues. I will take a look at editing it for you and post it later For some reason you have given Global Airports a zz prefix and this will also cause issues as it is supposed to sit just below al your 3rd party airport addons and just above all your True Earth addons. Please remove the zz from Global Airports in your Custom Scenery folder and then run XP and send me the scenery_packs again. It should not have the zz prefix if you have removed that prefix from the actual Global Airports folder in Custom Scenery.
  13. TE addons are designed to work with the default and/or Orbx made airport addons for the particular region. Installing a 3rd party addon can cause issues with terrain as the TE addon has mesh included. if the addon was freeware I can suggest that you try to flatten the airport addon to see if that resolves the bumps. I can assist in that but not until I know the origin of the addon. Was the airport addon a payware version? If so you need to check with the addon developer regarding compatibility with TE SoCal
  14. Please send me a pic of your XP Graphics settings so I can check that. Also attach a copy of your scenery_packs.ini When the fps drops I am assuming you are in a high demand area like a city, is that correct?
  15. What is the situation at present? Is TEGB Central installed but crashing? If so i would ask for a copy of your XP log file please as it may indicate the cause of the issue. If TEGB Central is not installed yet then please confirm that you meet all the requirements for installing True Earth addons as outlined in this link paying special attention to the needs for free space on disks, the location of your Temp folder and if you are maki9ng Backups. Please tell me the free space on the Drive that you download onto Is the drive you download onto the same drive that you are installing TEGB Central onto? Once I have enough details of your setup etc I will be able to assist.
  16. Orbx Central is a completely independent app for installing Orbx Addons purchased via Orbx Direct. It has no association with any other entity nor any product not bought from Orbx Direct like MarketPace, Simmarket etc. It only shows what it has installed in its own right. To know what you have bought you would need to check MarketPlace for addons bought there and the Devs retail outlets like Simmarket etc for purchases bought there. Orbx Central will of course also show other Devs addons as installed if they again, are purchased via Orbx Direct such as our Partners products. If it isn't bought from Orbx Direct and installed into your Sim via Orbx central it will not appear as installed.
  17. I don't think that any offence was taken Brad. The only aspect of your comment I felt odd was your opinion on ground scenery not mattering to you as far as detail was concerned as you would be flying. Orbx make detailed ground scenery. That was the aspect I found odd
  18. I think that Drone Cam does all that Bob does. However maybe you prefer the Avatar aspect that Bob gave i.e. a walking person. Drone Cam makes it more like Superman the way it can fly up and down and leap over tall buildings
  19. I now see you have posted in this topic to which I have replied, but now find that some of the requests regarding info have been posted here by you. Please don't duplicate as it can lead to confusion. Thanks for your understanding. Regarding your question about switching to the SD version, the answer is yes but you would need to uninstall the HD version first. The SD version will be free of charge as you have purchased the HD version. I have also attached a reworked scenery_packs as some of the layering was incorrect. scenery_packs.ini
  20. There is nothing in particular different in any of the True Earth addons except size of files. People have reported similar issues with other TE addons, but the issue is not usually related to the addon but normally to the PC unless there are error messages about missing files. Please attach your XP Log files after flying in the area that produces blank textures and also a pic or two stating where the location when you take the pics. Your PC specs would also be useful info. I initially suggest that you run the Verify Files option for the California addon to see if you have any missing files.
  21. I believe it is up to the Partner to choose what is available on other website retail outlets like Orbx Direct, but we need to ask @Ed Correia what the criteria is as he is the Orbx rep responsible for Orbx partners.
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