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  1. Please advise what these files are as you already have entries for them in the scenery_packs and therefore they must also exist as folders in your Custom Scenery folder. They should not remain in your Custom Scenery folder as they could cause issues. Not the issue you are referring. SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/TrueEarth US Northern California SD/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/TrueEarth US Oregon SD/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/TrueEarth US Southern California SD/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/TrueEarth US Washington HD/ Regarding the issue of buildings leaking through, TE Socal is designed to work with default Laminar airports (Global Airports) and any Orbx airport addon designed to work specifically with TE SoCal. I have rearranged your scenery_packs and placed the TE addons where they should be placed in the scenery_packs. If you test by removing the GB500 KSNA do you still get the bleed through? If not, you need to ask the BB550 Dev to make exclusions as Orbx cannot and do not make any "modifications" to another developers products scenery_packs.ini
  2. DD are responsible for their addon's support as Orbx cannot make any changes or modifications to another Developers product. Thanks for your understanding please to go https://drzewiecki-design.net/forum/index.php
  3. I am afraid i have no idea. Have you in the recent past moved the TE addons and there are entries for those addons still in your Custom Scenery folder? it is not something that is done by Orbx central, which only reads what it can see in your Custom Scenery folder. Check how many entries for the same file you have in your Custom Scenery folder.
  4. That's good news. There is an easier way but at least you are now fixed up.
  5. Correction. G- is the UK registration for A/C not GB https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Kingdom_aircraft_registration
  6. 1. I need to know how you placed the Orbx addons into your new F drive Orbx library. 2. When you double click on one of the TE addons in your Orbx library, does it immediately open up and show the Custom,Overlay & orthos files or does it have yet another folder you need to open before those files appear? I need you to answer those 2 questions first please so I am more knowledgeable of the potential cause of your problem. It would be simple if I was at your Desktop but being remote requires a lot of questions and answers to and fro. I am sure you understand.
  7. Please submit your scenery_packs.ini. XO does not always place TE addons as required in some circumstances. I need to check
  8. Just make sure that the True earth addons (plus London landmarks) are placed exactly as I placed them for you whenever you use XO to activate or deactivate a TE scenery. Don't just expect XO to place the TE files as i have done, but you may need to do it manually if they are not exactly as i have done.
  9. I am overdue going offline so hopefully we can return to the issue if it still prevails, tomorrow morning. I am usually on around 6am
  10. Here is the pertinent section from the Orbx central user guide regarding Moving a library to another location: Moving a library is painless with Central and can be achieved in a few steps only: 1. Go to Settings > Libraries. 2. Note the directory of the library you’d like to move. 3. Remove the library that you would like to move (remember: this doesn’t delete the actual files). 4. Close Central by right-clicking on the tray and selecting “quit”. 5. Move the directory to the new location in your operating system. This step may take a while depending on your disk speed. 6. Start Central again 7. Open Settings, and then the Libraries page 8. Press ‘Create New Library’ 9. Select the new library location, give it a name and then press ‘Save’. Central will automatically scan the library for installed products, and then configure your simulators appropriately. Here is the section on Creating a Library Creating a library The first time you start Central, you will be prompted to create a library. If you would like to create more libraries, you can do this by going to Settings > Libraries and clicking “create a new library”. This will prompt you to choose a name and an install location for this library. There are a few requirements when choosing a library location: ● You cannot choose a location that is within a simulator’s root directory. ● You cannot place a library at the root of a volume (you’ll need to create a directory). This means a location like D:\ is invalid, but D:\Library is valid. ● You cannot choose a directory that already contains files. If you have created a library in a prior version of Central, you can select that library’s location again. Central will intelligently re-sync the products in the existing library to your simulators. I think maybe you did not follow all the necessary steps top create a new library? @Nick Cooper Hi Nick. Any further suggestions?
  11. Initially please open Orbx Central/settings/Help and click on Sync Simulator. See if that rectifies the issue. Report back please. Thanks
  12. Sorry about your issues. You state that you resolved some issues by installing "the addons required for Orbx" Please clarify. Are you are referring to the prerequisites like VisualC++ etc? You also state you have 700GB free space. Is that on another drive other than your C drive or is that your C drive and you have no other disk drive. Please advise. If it is another drive then what is the free space on your C drive? Once you have answered those questions I can pursue further or pass this over to @Steve Raycraft @Nick Cooper as requested in my initiasl reply post. Thanks
  13. London Landmarks is required to be above TEGB South to complete the landmarks around London. TEGB South included some Orbx introduced landmarks but left out making new ones that were already in the Laminar London Landmarks. A good example is the Millennium Dome. All other landmark files are fine where I placed them for you. So leave them as I placed them. Regarding XO placing order, you can use it and then double check the scenery_packs again to make sure that especially the True Earth addons are back exactly as I have placed them, by manually cut and paste. Earlier versions of XO did not place the TE files back in the correct order or placement (including the Laminar London Landmarks) but I believe that the XO dev spoke with our TE Dev to rectify that. I am not sure whether it works or not as I find no need for XO personally. You may want to check with the XO developer on that. Bottom line is make sure all 3rd party airports are above Global Airports. all TE addons directly below Global airports, all cityscape type addons like Japan Pro etc are below TE, and for tidiness all libraries below your addons of all type, and finally any 3rd party HD mesh at the bottom of the scenery_packs
  14. Let me know if you have issues and ensure you describe those issues fully so I can assist easier
  15. OK got it thanks. I have rearranged the scenery_packs as required. scenery_packs.ini
  16. Who sent you the email? Was it me? Can you confirm that you went through the suggestions made in the email as you only mention you have tried uninstalling reinstalling. The only further suggestion that I can make at this point is to open Orbx Central/settings/downloader and check that the disk drive setting under "Concurrency" is correct for your set up and then change the "Conversions" setting to Moderate or Low. The attached pics how you what is required: As this is a problem with Orbx Central processes I am passing this over to @Nick Cooper and @Steve Raycraft to ask for Orbx Central support
  17. Here you go: If you are going to use x-organiser then after each time you use it make sure the True Earth addons are placed back exactly as they are in the attached scenery_packs. You will need to do that manually. scenery_packs.ini
  18. I understand the the file labelled s Airports but it needs to remain named as Global airport. Have you renamed the Global Airports file to "Airports" or is Global Airports inside a new folder you have named as Airports? The path to that Airports folder is also not complete as it is labelled as this: SCENERY_PACK Custom Scener Airports/ with no forward slash after the word "scener" and the word "scenery" incomplete. These thing affect XP11. You need to have a file labelled Global Airports and in the Custom Scenery folder and also do not rename files. Please do the necessary and i will be happy to then sort out the scenery_packs. Thanks for being an Orbx user as well
  19. I cannot locate the default file of Global Airports unless my eyes are playing up You need that. What are these files? SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Versions/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scener Airports/ Once you have Global Airports in your Custom Scenery folder and it shows in the scenery_packs.ini I can make the necessary changes. Also check your XP Graphics settings of World Objects as it should be at Maximum as it governs the amount of autogen displayed. Resubmit your scenery_packs when you have added Global Airports and answered me regarding the 2 files I have mentioned above.
  20. Where MSFS is installed. You can however install the addons anywhere you want if you create an Addons library and then point to that library when installing in particular Orbx addons via Orbx central. Orbx Central will symbolic link those Orbx addons to your Community folder.
  21. Hi Gary. I suggest maybe you also ask on the official MSFS forum https://forums.flightsimulator.com/latest. You will get only MSFS user comments here as your query does not pertain to any Orbx addon issue but a MSFS issue.
  22. Hi I cannot see a Support Ticket so I ask you to give me a Ticket number so I can look it up. The log file I would need is the XP11 Log file and the Orbx Central log file. The Orbx central log file is probably the one that is large and you could try to Zip it. @Steve Raycraft @Nick Cooper this appears to be an installation issue requiring Orbx central support after the log files are submitted. Nick , please check if there is a support ticket raised for this. Thanks
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