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  1. Returning to FTX AU after some PNW time I flew from Coffs Harbour and was horrified to notice that I was getting down to a 9fps and stuttering and large black texture flashes. This airport has always been a smooth 30fps for me. I use a standard FTX setting via FSX Go for ALL ORBX products and upto yesterday had always had smooth flight and fps steady at my setting of 30. I tried adjusting obvious settings within FSX to see where the problem may be resolved but to no avail. I then reduced "Special Effects detail" (moving waves etc) and I was back immediately to smooth 30fps. I cannot believe it as I have always left this setting at either full on or Medium on every single flight with all addons without a problem. All of my FTX range is fully up to date (SP3/LIBS etc) Any help on what might be the culprit here that would allow me to return to my normal setting.( I have reinstalled YSCH + reinstalled latest LIBS)) Many thanks
  2. I have reported in 2 posts that FTX Central with the elevation bgl on/off settings applied via the PNW Patch will get overwritten back to a previous version IF you make any changes in FTX AU. You need to reinstall the PNW patch after ANY change you may make in FTXAU. Holger acknowledged this head-up info as something that needed to be advised to customers but have not seen any announcement or action since. Hope the above may help. Regards
  3. I was responding in another topic (PNW Plateau) regarding my findings in trying to resolve the plateau problem that suddenly occurred on my system and has been reported by several others. The bottom line is that if you have both PNW & FTXAU then if you add any FTXAU product that makes an entry into FTXCentral it will overwrite the version that you installed in the PNW Patch which enables or disables the elevation bgl's for PNW resulting in plateaux. You must therefore ensure that after any installation into FTXAU you must remember to reinstall the PNW patch. I think that this anomoly has raised it's head recently due to the Mad May Sale going on and people who have already got PNW maybe adding new products to FTXAU (at a BARGAIN price!!).
  4. I did have the PNW patch installed but I have discovered an interesting problem resolution. It seems that if you have both FTX Australia and PNW then if you add anything to FTX AUS that registers itself into FTXCentral then your FTXCentral that was included in the PNW patch gets overwritten back to the older version which does NOT switch the Elevation bgls in PNW. So in summary, if you make any additions in FTXAUS and you have PNW then you MUST ensure you re-install the PNW patch immediately afterwards despite not having touched anything in PNW. I think this is something the developers may wish look into as it does cause a conflict which can, like in my experience, end up needing to reinstall all my 22 ORBX files to resolve via trial and error. Regards
  5. I also had the same problem and monitored a couple of threads here offering resolutions. One thread advised checking whether some ADE elevation bgl's were switched to OFF in the FSX/Scenery/World folder which would have been switched to OFF via FTX Central. In my case all the bgl's were OFF. I continually used the FTXCentral to switch from Default to NA to no avail. In other words the FTXCentral was NOT activating the NA area. Info for the developers: I had switched back to AUS over the last week to try and fix my FTX AU performance which had depleted after YBBN install. I had reinstalled AUGold and YBBN and then spent several days in AUS. I did not go back to PNW until yesterday, but had been using the Default back to AUS after reinstalling the 2 AUS products. Yesterday I switched to PNW and Darrington was in a cavern ! Tried the Default back to PNW tip but still the same result. All bgl's were still set to OFF. I resolved by deleting all PNW and reinstalling. All back to normal BUT I have not yet tried any further switching to date. There is definitely some kind of problem showing up here but I cannot offer any advice as to exactly what has influenced the FTXCentral to fail.
  6. Well that did it for me.... thanks alehead !! Loaded the new LIBS, removed the suggested file and replaced with the file from 091028 and I am back to flying smooth. Great detective work and certainly appreciated by me. I think the work you did enhances the relationship between user and developer, a feature particularly evident on this great "community" site.
  7. I too mentioned in a previous thread that I cannot operate with the new LIBS version, and that it had the same effect on my system as the version that was issued and then withdrawn. If I use the 091028 version everywhere in FTX is fine and only subject to fine tuning dependent on the complexity of the departure/arrival airport. I only noticed the problem after installing YBBN which I believe included the latest LIBS update. I came to a grinding halt at YPEC with my normal settings, left my settings untouched but installed 091028 and was immediately back to freeflowing non stuttering etc. I have been timid in furthering my inquiries into whether or not there is a problem with the new LIBS as I see many responses indicate lots of people have no problem, but seeing this thread has reinforced my desire to find out if there is a problem as there are more people making a query and sharing my problem. There is definitely something in the new LIBS that adversely affects MY system but obviously not everyones.
  8. I reported that I get a similar problem at YPEC months ago but have had to follow the only advice offered at the time, which was change your comms frequency. At YPEC I always got the ATIS for Redland. Also logic would assume that if you use a "saved flight" and the anomoly existed at the time of saving the flight, then the problem will recur. I resolved the problem by starting at YPEC and changed from Comm1 to Comm 2 and then saved the flight. No more ATIS. Try that at Darrington.
  9. Russ I just installed the latest LIBS file and confirm that it is the cause of my problems just like the withdrawn LIBS file of a while back. I use YPEC as my test base because I always had it just lovely and when I installed the withdrawn LIBS file I wrote to say that it brought my PC to it's knees at YPEC. I reinstalled the original 091028 and everything was back to normal. The exact same is happening to me with this new LIBS file. I run i7975 Extreme/GTX285 2G Factory OC and assure you I am able to get very good performance all round normally, regardless of scenery type. Remember that not everyone had problems with the withdrawn LIBS file at the time of release, but I assume enough did, to warrant the withdrawal. Any ideas mate?
  10. When I first installed YBBN I experienced serious performance issues similar to YMML. Terrible frame rates and stutters beyond belief. I had installed YBBN, defragged, rebooted and had all the Control panel settings on as per the default setting. Reading thru the forum here I saw that some others were experiencing the same as me, but non of the offered solutions worked for me. I then decided that I would just try re- installing the FTXOrbxlibs programme (091028). Well what a dramatic change !! I can now operate YBBN . FPS now in late teens low 20's. However, I still get the scenery appearing like a domino effect, the textures start to appear and then fill in sequentially like domino's falling. It will do that whenever returning to view the airport whether from within VC or spot view(outside). Anyway, try installing the orbxlibs file, it may make a difference, because the problems that I had were exactly the same as when the orbxlibs 100222 was released and subsequently withdrawn because some were experiencing terrible stutters.
  11. I have tried searching the forum here for a recent comment regarding how to remove the cranes from Seattle which affect framerates etc. Would someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction. Thanks
  12. Lots of lakes with trees in them in PNW. Is this a flooding representation or a glitch I have? I do not know the PNW area in real life but it sure looks weird to see so many lakes with large amounts of trees in them.
  13. I have to report that the libs update caused all my FTX payware airports to run at a stuttering crawl. I have been mucking about with the BufferPools=0 tweak and thought that I may have messed up my graphics card when saw all the stuttering. I changed the fsconfig, set everything to the lowest setting and still only got 9-12 stuttering fps. Finally ten minutes ago I deleted the Libs file, reinstalled the uodate again...no joy. Decided to see if reinstalling 091028 version would help. I am now back to 30-60 ultra smooth flight at all bar Melboutne. I cannot explain but can only report. I have i7Extreme 975 & BFG 285 OC 2Gig. Any suggestions? Best regards
  14. Hi Holger I feel such a fool !! You are absolutely right..... it was the "seasonal" effect. I guess I will have to get used to such detailed accuracy and quality of thought & product !...LOL Many thanks.
  15. Taking off from Broome Int'l heading in straight line towards Alice Springs, I soon cross a stretch of water. I have trees appearing in the water. When i near the end of the water crossing and reach land the roads just disappear into the water. I assume this is not correct. I have completely reinstalled all my FTX products to ensure all are SP3, and the installation was directly into FSX and following the installation instructions as per the forum guide (i.e. the correct sequence) It appears that there is a texture conflict. I also run GEX US & Europe and know that some of their textures may appear in other area of the world. Could this be a possibility or could it be mesh related? Any advice welcome.
  16. I see that we should not "enable" FTXAA Freeware and was curious to know what FTXAU08_Freeware is that I have in my scenery library. I cant recall where it came from and ask whether I should or should not have it enabled.
  17. Resolved ! When I saw you mention Holger Mesh I immediately thought that I would check the Holger folder as my problem was definitely one of a layer clash. Well I only had 308KB in the folder... I was 251MB short !! Downloaded Holger and all is good. Can you advise the Scenery Library priority settings, should all my airports and airfields be set above the regions folders and Holger at the bottom?
  18. I reported about texture flashing I am experiencing with certain FTX areas and with FTX addon -airports, and was asked if I have all SP3 version downloads. I really dont know is the answer ! I intend to reinstal ALL my FTX sceneries and need clarification regarding this SP3 topic. Do I need to download the sceneries again (SP3 certified).. I thought that FTXAUSP3.001 and 3.001b installed into the files did the job of whatever SP3 is intended to do. Also if I redownload, do the latest downloads already include any SP that may have been available e.g I see i have FTX Blue & FTX Bue110_SP1 so will the new download include SP1? As this will be a big job I want to make sure that I install absolutely everything i need to and in the correct sequence etc. I would be most grateful for some advice/guidance.
  19. I will check that I have ALL SP3. Would this potentially cause this effect? (it only last microsecond, hence really difficult to get a screenshot) Cannot remember regarding installing GEX but I am pretty certain I loaded REX & GEX before any FTX or other addons. Defrag is 0% Scenery order... advise me please as it was Ozx 3.0, Ants Airports, then Airports, then my payware airports(ymml etc). I have tried and currently have ALL the payware airports sitting on top of the priority list to see if that helped. The screenshot was taken (you can click on it to enlarge) with total default FSX settings as per the tool FSX Go by Orbx, I only changed framerate setting. It looks like a clash somewhere similar to finding out that you have to have Tongass Fjords above FTX or you get a similar effect.
  20. Hi Russ. Win7 64bit, GTX 285, 6Gig Ram, I7-975 extreme. Regarding a screenshot I will try later, but as you can see by the specs I should be OK. It happens most with autogen set on also with GEX but not with real photoscenery. Regards
  21. No matter what settings I apply, whether default or enhanced, I get big black texture flashes on the water or ground sceneries of FTX Aeropelican and also Melbourne. I have tried raising the priorities in the scenery library e.g I put Aeropelican as No:1 but still got the flashing. It doesn't last too long, happens particularly at the onset of a flight and is most visible from Outside View. Any ideas? Thanks
  22. I added YMML to my FTX portfolio recently and I too have a stuttering low FPS scene using my normal FTX flight setting. The massive killer in my case is having Scenery Objects set to my normal Extremely Dense setting. If I back off to Sparse I get 50-70fps on unlimited. I can also run autogen on extremely dense at that rate, but if I go up one notch on Scenery objects i get poor performance. Normally for all scenery I have never gone below Extreme for Scenery Objects, and autogen is the area that I have to change settings depending on flight area. YMML in my own experience seems to be the opposite. Do I read correctly that TecFlow addresses exactly that area i.e. the scenery objects?
  23. Since posting I have got the FTX Central Library tool to work and FSX now locates the folders. I understand the "correct" way of installation but was keen to get flying again so I copied the files via adding to scenery library. Bar todays FTX central glitch all is fine and rectified
  24. Can you help please? When I installed W7 I added all my FTX files manually to the Scenery Library in FSX rather than re-installing directly into FSX, and have no problems in performance. What does happen though is that if I use FTX Central to make a contol panel change in a scenery, when I go back into FSX Scenery library ALL the FTX entries have gone from the top of the priority settings(where I place them) to the bottom(above the FSX Default folders). If I use the FTX Tool for Scenery Library placement, it puts FTX back on top of the Scenery LIbrary but FSX then says "cannot locate folder FTX.... " and I have to manually put them all back into the library. Is there any way around this without having to do a complete reinstall of all my FTX stuff directly into FSX. Last question... can you tell me how the add my order numbers to my post.
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