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  1. The Southern Cross is a Fokker F.VIIb/3m trimotor monoplane that was flown by Australian aviator Charles Kingsford Smith, Charles Ulm, Harry Lyon and James Warner in the first-ever trans-Pacific flight to Australia from the mainland United States, a distance of about 11,670 kilometres (7,250 mi), in 1928.
  2. I think there's a lot of other users who aren't so fortunate to not have any issues. Terrain Morphing, Trees and Buildings popping in/out, (Even using LOD 200 and Ultra on pre-caching in settings), GPS waypoints on plans that are not being followed, CTD's still happen randomly for a lot of people. Some of the updates don't show up in the Store, (because you have to download the XBox App to your machine and failed to tell users that) Scenery and clouds quality and other items that looked great before were significantly degraded after SU5 because they needed to drop the quality to attract XBox users when that was released. Anti Aliasing took a turn for the worse as well after SU6. Not to mention a boatload of items that have been logged as bugs on Zendesk that still need to be addressed now over a year into the release. Some areas will get updated, others will hopefully as well. (IMHO, Alaska looks horrible even after adding the Orbx Mesh for MSFS) TBH, this product is still in an ALPHA mode state. How can a product that showed so much potential upon initial release go so many steps in reverse in one year of public release? It's got a long way to go from what at one time looked to be an amazing simulation experience. For myself and a lot of other users, the negatives outweigh the positives. Like I said, I can imagine how much more advanced this product would be if an established company like Orbx was calling the shots. That's all. Not looking for any debates here, just wishing for a product that makes me look around and go "WOW" , instead of, "Oh look, there's a large block of trees suddenly popping into view, Oh and look at that building that looks like it's melted. Brad
  3. I would most certainly pay to see this happen. I'm not at all impressed by ASOBO anymore. The initial simulator was stunning in many ways but that's all been thrown away. Now it's ruined I think by the state of MSFS and it's constant updates, bugs, hot fix after hot fix that still doesn't address any of the myriad of issues that are plaguing the simulator. I am not going to get into specifics, but I'm willing to bet that if Orbx was running the ship, things would get done a lot more professionally than the current company in the drivers seat. So, can we set up a Go Fund me for donations to see if we can help Orbx buy ASOBO out and get the job done right? I'm in. Brad
  4. Henrik. Great work on this FS2020 update to your wonderful AI shipping enhancements. It's really looking good. FYI, I wasn't sure if you knew or not but Dexter Thomas and Jan De Jong are busy working on updating the AI Shipping that they did for Return to Misty Moorings to work in FS2020. I don't have any details on their scope of work and timeline. Dex has been sending me some text messages with pics from time to time so it's also coming along nicely. Maybe Dex can shed some light on this. Brad
  5. Work progress on the Bahamas project. Swimming Pigs on Big Major Cay that's next to MYES airport on Staniel Cay.
  6. I also wish to express my sincere condolences to Bruce's family. May he rest in peace. He will be missed. Brad
  7. Rod, Have you had a chance to see if RTMM scenery for TE Washington works? I created several scenery spots in our PNW Expansion Collection at RTMM. Curious to see if they still work or not. Brad
  8. Utterly devastating what's happening in our world right now. With the heartbreaking wildfires in Australia the Amazon, US and other areas of our planet, my heart is broken seeing such destruction to our people and wildlife. Stay strong Aussie friends. God bless.
  9. Greetings, I'd like to announce that we have a brand new scenery collection ready for you to check out over at Return to Misty Moorings. Our journey along the Blue Wave Energy Partners pipeline across the Alaska landscape now finds us in the middle of the Arctic wilderness. It's the latest in our series of scenery collections for the pipeline project. If you visit our scenery page and look under "B", you'll find the BWEP scenery page that holds each of our editions on this project completed so far. Right now you can get the latest edition, Gate's of the Arctic. This journey will take you through some of the most treacherous terrain but also some of the most beautiful scenery north of the Arctic Circle. It follows the BWEP Pipeline through the mountains and even crosses over the dangerous Atigun Pass. Helicopter and fixed wing pilots will be challenged up here. It's taken quite some time to get this edition of BWEP ready for prime time. You'll need the ORBX software Global Base, Vector and North America Land Class to really see this scenery shine. And of course you'll need to install the RTMM required object libraries too. If you need any assistance, just ask in our forums. Remember, this is all free for you. Hope you like it and please post some screenshots if you get the chance too. Here's a few I took: Brad Allen https://return.mistymoorings.com/
  10. I hope that this company that we've built our current simulation hobby with, will continue to provide excellent products for the existing platforms for as long as they can feasibly maintain a level of profitability on those platforms. If products for those platforms are not being bought though, then in all probability, the company will have to shift their priorities. Basics of business right? Either you stay the course and risk being left behind or you learn, adapt and stay competitive inside the newer technology that users want to experience. While we've not heard directly from JV and the company yet on what ORBX's plan for FS2020 is, JV did direct us to listen for ourselves to a video presentation where the developers were asked about how the new simulator team wants to work with the current third party developers. These are companies like ORBX and others who've been producing product for the FSX/P3D platform for the last 10 years or so. I think we'll see a great new base simulator platform that we can fly in and use on various levels based on what our own hardware is or will be. I'm confident that there will be a place for third party developers in that world and I'm pretty excited to see where the future takes this hobby. Brad
  11. Oops! I forgot to mention the NA Land Class. Thanks
  12. If you're looking for some good quality freeware airports that might improve your Bahamas areas, use Art Poole as a search query on AVSIM. He has made several for that island chain that definitely improves over what's just default. These were made for FSX but I use them in P3D. You just need to make some adjustments. He recommends a particular regional scenery made specifically for Latin America from another vendor. Art put together these airports with some good detailed touches like custom airport signage, etc. And he included some good directions inside his readme files on what his airports are built around and how to make things work right. Brad
  13. If you have ORBX Global and Vector, you can get a great representation of the island chains in the Caribbean. Also, if you look online and search for FSX Caribbean Scenery or Prepar3D Caribbean Scenery, there are quite a few options to consider. I'm not going to mention them here for obvious reasons but see for yourself what's possible in the Caribbean. These screenshots are using P3D v4 and the locations are in the Lesser Antilles. I'm also using an old shareware from Paul Wheeler to enhance the region with eye candy galore.
  14. You're still going strong Dex!!! Shine on! You Crazy Diamond.
  15. Hello, I wanted to ask if this has happened to anybody else. I use ORBX SAK, PFJ and PNW for most of my simulation flying. Exclusively. I do sometimes venture outside of the ORBX regions world to Hawaii and the Caribbean but never stay away too long before returning to Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. I noticed today while landing at PACV in SAK that the taxiways off of the runway were grass and dirt. The yellow center and edge lines were showing but the surface underneath was not pavement. I opened up the ORBX airport .bgl file in ADE and under "Lists", then the "Taxi links" option, the runway and taxiway's surface were all off. So by selecting the "Reset All Drawflags" button, this changed the details to "Yes" and brought the correct surface details for the taxiways back inside P3D v4. I don't really remember having to do this for the default regional airports in ORBX areas much before though. Just passing this on to the ORBX team and hoping I can learn why this might be something to keep an eye out for at other default ORBX regional airports in the future. Thanks again for creating such a great product. Brad Allen
  16. These were taken flying in the far north by the mouth of the Walker River estuary. Australia 2 in P3D v4.
  17. Flying from Coober Pedy to Jacinth Ambrosia airport this evening. I keep seeing these rib like features in the surrounding terrain. Over the South Desert they're not as pronounced because they blend in with the rest of the red dirt. But once you start getting back in where there are some darker land forms, these seem to be everywhere. Curious if others are seeing these too and if so, what are they supposed to be showing us? I do see what appears to be ridges in these patterns in Google Earth so I'm pretty sure these are a representation of those undulations and land features. Or if these are not showing up for other users at these coords. then I have to wonder if this is possibly something amiss with my installation? Thank you, Brad
  18. Australia 2, with John Oien's YMER download installed. Afternoon Next Morning Now it's off to Moruya!! Brad
  19. Sand bar and reef formations. L' Haridan Bight in Shark Bay West Australia (Australia V2)
  20. Fantastic water masking and scenery at Shark Bay West Australia in version 2. Well done to the ORBX team on an amazing new rendition of the land down under! Brad
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