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  1. @Marcus Nyberg will the Kungsängen/Tibble/Sylta area get a small touch up with Frölunda? That'd be awesome, as I spent a lot of time there with my relatives. It's good news in any way. Kind regards.
  2. I've been a customer since 2008 when I first got the Orbx AU series. Back then a new version was free of charge eg YBBN. It's okay for the developer wanting some income. But in times like now where everything is getting more and more expensive and some items eg cooking oil rare, I'll skip and remain with v1, as money is needed for food and groceries. Nevertheless, it looks great! Kind regards.
  3. I'd like to throw in the idea for a Kuala Lumpur Cityscape and Kuala Lumpur International Airport scenery in the hope for it to be considered by Orbx. If they're like Singapore it'd be awesome! Thanks so much for your constant support and updates for the MSFS2020 simulator which has become my sole program. Kind regards. PS. A Pripyat 1986 Cityscape would be really awesome!
  4. Not intending to start a brawl on flight simulators, but maybe it will be better to move to the next generation of flight simulator. I have tried it and am astonished at the details and quality it comes with out of the box. Maybe, the development team is considering that, too. Kind regards.
  5. @JohnE77I unintentionally forgot to remove YSSY during the WU7 process. But I made a flight across the airport and downtown Sydney and couldn't find any errors. @All thanks dear Orbx team for this tremendous update. Just wish Germany looked this way - there some areas without trees, although the satellite image shows thick forests. Kind regards.
  6. @Darren Howie not sure where the numbers are from, but I know equally as much people and developers who decided to abolish P3D development. To be honest, it's a wise decision as MFS will be the future of flight simulation. Asobo never told the initial release will be perfect from day one and they really try to improve a lot with each update. There's no guarantee it'll work fine on all possible system configurations available, unlike the console segment, where one Xbox is similar to another. Also, they give us in the community many additional content and features for free. Yes, I'm annoyed that many places in Germany lost their tress and it has not been fixed by now. But I like the fact that many, many, many addons required for a good experience in P3D are obsolete and out of the box. Guess things will change once PMDG and Co appear on the horizon. I'll get LC Asia, if it's ever released, but I won't return to P3D anymore. So on my side it's just to support the developers hard work. Kind regards.
  7. Actually I would imagine that London Objects +LCY and the photogrammetry would make an awesome view in the Sim, which is why I actually bought it in the first place. If I had to deactivate the photogrammetry it would be like P3D, which is what I abandoned since MSFS2020 was released. Same goes for Paris, which also causes issues around La Defense. Kind regards.
  8. Looking forward to the release, it's looking awesome. To me I wouldn't mind to see more major airports around the world from Orbx like Frankfurt am Main for example. To complete my OZ memories, all that's missing is Alice Springs, Ayers Rock and Cairns. Kind regards.
  9. I moved to the "Bing Maps Simulator" a year ago and haven't felt any desire to reinstall P3D up to now. I may purchase LC Asia, even if I won't install P3D anymore, more as a gesture of support - if at all. I, too, invested many dollars since FS95 using all sim generations up to MFS2020 and I wasn't forced to move - in fact I was as sceptical as some others - but never regretted the move, as many Addons from the past have become obsolete and I've never seen a sim that good out of the box. But, it's an individual choice and every one of us has their own reasons as to why or why not. Live and let live. Kind regards.
  10. Hello. As many may know, Pripyat is the city built beside the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and was inhabited until April 28th, 1986 by about 50.000 people. With the HBO series "Chernobyl" being very popular and giving the exclusion zone new popularity, I was wondering if there was any chance to attract Orbx on publishing a Scenery covering the exclusion zone as it was in early 1986 and at present? I'm aware that there may be a freeware, but in my opinion Orbx would recreate it several times better, which is why I decided to come forward with the question. On my part, I'd pay even 30 or more Euros for it. Kind regards.
  11. Regarding Niederrad, there's an ICE (Highspeedtrain) on the wrong bridge towards Frankfurt Main Station. There are two bridges, one for the commuter trains only to the west and just beside the second older bridge where all other trains drive over. Is it possible to move the train to the correct place?
  12. Their handcrafted airports are usually quite good, but not as good as third party ones. I wouldn't scrap ARN to quickly. By the way, @Marcus Nyberg, could you get in touch with me via pn? Kind regards. Stefan
  13. That's awesome! How I'd wish for a Kuala Lumpur Cityscape.....it's my second home, I haven't been there for two years (even) when a relative passed away. I miss it and my family, that's why I asked. Kind regards.
  14. It's like skipping Times Square in NYC, Champs Elysees in Paris, the Red Square in Moscow or South Beach in Miami. Maybe you, @YAMBA1have your own opinion on that topic, but others have theirs which should be respected. Kind regards.
  15. Dear all. As a frequent visitor to Singapore and also because it's international renowned - I was wondering why the most famous shopping street in the town is not done with all shopping centers, hotels, landmarks, as well as the historical buildings missing. Are there any plans to add that via patch? Otherwise I got to say a huge thanks for this marvelous scenery. It really feels like being there, while flying in the area. Kind regards. Stefan
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