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  1. Hi Don, I always have the same problem. And when I think I have it sorted, they seem to change the process. The last update sent me to their store, where I got completely lost and found nothing. In the end I restarted the sim and after it again checked for an update, up popped a screen with an update button. One click and it started. Now I know I am getting older, however, I do not think I have lost that many marbles that updating is now so dam frustrating. Constantly simple should be the goal.
  2. Thanks eagle172, whether it does is very hit and miss. More often miss.
  3. Hi wolfko, thanks for your reply. Are you able to let me know if you are doing anything differently to get it to record the intermediate landings/take offs please? My logbook will often not even record them for the departure or arrival ones.
  4. Hi all, At the moment In FS2020, the only way I know of to plan a VFR cross country with multiple stops/landings is to enter the departure and arrival airports, and then drag the line of the track to the intermediate stops. While this works, the programme regards them as way points. Which means that any intermediate landings and take offs are not recorded in the logbook. In FSX and P3D, any intermediate landings and take offs are recorded. If there is another way to create a plan that will allow these landings/take offs to be recorded, can someone please let me know how. Thanks Roger
  5. I would like their New Zealand airports. In saying that, flightsim.to has some amazing free sceneries.
  6. Me too. Though I am patiently waiting for their New Zealand air ports to be upgraded for MSFS.
  7. OK, thanks Nick. I don't have trouble downloading other programmes so I'm not sure what that would be. I may have to use another computer and transfer it.
  8. Hi guys. Sorry to bother you again. I have followed both links and ended up at https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/583434-new-linda-405-beta-msfs-2020-compatible-8-apr-2021/ However when I click on the download link in the 1st post, all that happens is the screen turns white then straight back to the page. Nothing downloads. Any idea as to what I am doing wrong?
  9. Thank you both for the links. I will give them a try.
  10. Hi all, Can anyone please provide me with the link to download LINDA for MSFS? I can only find one at AVSIM for V4.0.5. However, it does not seem to be working or if it does I can't find the file in my downloads folder. Thanks.
  11. Hi all. I wonder if someone could please tell me if Orbx products for MSFS are self installing. Thanks.
  12. Thank you both for pointing me to this great site. I have just subscribed.
  13. Hi all, I was interested to read the Orbx development plan for 2021, and delighted to see a planned upgrade for Auckland city which is really needed. However, I would like to request that consideration be given to making the small number of Orbx's NZ airports available for MSFS. The default airports are, to say the leased, leave a great deal to be desired. For example, NZWR has a B737 sitting at the terminal and NZMF is completely unrecognisable. We know we are at the bottom of the world and a long way from you all, but please don't forget about us. Keep safe everyone.
  14. Still hanging in. Have a great Christmas everyone and a happy new year. Above all, stay safe.
  15. Hi there NHWan, I just want to add my welcome to that of Doug's. And wish you many happy hours flying the Orbx world.
  16. Very well said Shawn. My experience has been similar to yours. I had given up on flight simming until I saw an add for Orbx. They have cost me thousands in scenery and hardware. And I thank them for it.
  17. That is just life. Pick yourself up and get over it. Just be happy for all those who don't have them , and thankful Orbx is so generous in so many ways.
  18. Hi Chris, I have just popped in to welcome you to the forums. And wish you many happy hours flying the Orbx world. I am sure it will not be long before someone with more knowledge than me will answer your questions for you.
  19. Hi John, how is this coming along.
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