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  1. Thanks, these settings work good on my system. I do have a vram question. I was wondering which slider affects vram most. With SP1 my vram performance has improved in Seattle but still higher than I would like 3.9-4.2 instead of 5 and greater. Just wanted to ask which slider or sliders I should temp reduce for higher vram areas. Thanks for everyone's help. Thanks, Mike
  2. I am having elevation issues at HEBF airport. I reinstalled LC into P3D4 directory, and disabled LC Mesh but problem persists. Thanks for the help. Mike
  3. If XP11 has Seattle Helipads you should be able to start and land there. Also look at the Gateway Scenery website for 3D helipads that might not be included in the simulator. Hope this helps, Mike
  4. I was able to solve my issue. I uninstalled Australia V2 and removed all remaining folders and scenery library entries from P3D and downloaded and installed again. No black textures. Also Claudio, if using P3D, set the default screen grab type to jpg to have smaller image sizes. Mike
  5. I am at a loss, still having this issue. Thanks for the help so far. Mike
  6. Still having this issue, forcing migration again.
  7. I think I might have found the issue. On my upgraded system, Windows installed on my new SSD but old windows drive still had app data/orbx. When I downloaded/installed FTX Central, desktop shortcut pointed to old location instead of new app data location. Deleted old OS drive Orbx folder, created shortcut for correct location, verified install and sure enough it was missing some files. Fingers crossed, I am going to start a flight in Australia. Will report back. Thanks, Mike
  8. Thanks Nick, I tried that and I still have this issue. If I fly in North America with Global Base and LC, no issues. I also tried Force Migration but that also did not help. Mike
  9. I just recently upgraded my computer and installed P3D 4.5 full and am in the process of reinstalling my add-ons. I installed Global Base, LC NA, Trees, and the free airports. Global textures look great. The problem I am having is after installing Australia V2. I am getting black splotches/texturing all over the scenery. This greatly takes away from an enjoyable experience. I have tried all of the suggestions from the forum but still have these texture issues. Please help. Thanks, Mike
  10. When I was a teenager, a regional department store, would always have a yearly photo/electronics expo and dad and I would always try to attend. We were both in awe at an early version on an early apple desktop. And I have been simulating ever since. Mike
  11. I agree, since I went all in with the two simulators, P3D4 and XP11, I will install the True Earth PNW products in XP and because I have all of the regions for P3D, not duplicate. Mike
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