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  1. Lod 14 with seasons for me in P3d. Seems logical to keep all parts of this sim seasonal. I have now got X-plane 11 with the currently available UK TE products which again seems logical as it fits the summer only sim, best of both worlds. When I fly over the English Channel I would prefer the same season on both sides. I suppose this depends on what we all want from our sims and quite right so a big thank you to Orbx for coming up with a solution to please us all, hopefully!
  2. Over the last few days I have experienced two occasions when I could not access the Orbx website/forum and now today I have a red certificate error telling me that there is a problem with the sites security certificate and that I should leave the site. This has occurred on my desktop flightsim machine and laptop. I am confident that your website is no threat so is this a problem at my end or have others experienced this happening. cheers Reg.
  3. Terrific, was looking at your original Refuge Cove only yesterday and wondering if we would ever have it in v4. Thx Larry, you sir are a star. cheers Reg.
  4. Hi Dom No experience with NG but I have been using Global Ultimate for a long time and have had no problems. The mesh has less effect in the regions which have a very good mesh included but in the global areas the improvement is very noticeable. There are more knowledgeable folks on this forum who will no doubt be able to give more information and I am sure if you search with `FS Global NG some info will surface. NG is an upgrade on Ultimate so I would expect good results with it. Hope this ramble helps. cheers Reg.
  5. One of the things I have discovered, the update disabled simconnect in my sim. Re-installing sorted a lot of my problems. cheers Reg.
  6. Hi guys, Is the 185 FDE pack okay in P3dv4? cheers Reg
  7. Two old fellas sitting on a park bench, one says " I must be getting old I ache all over." The second fella say`s" I still feel like a young child, no hair , no teeth and I just wet myself."
  8. Hi Pascal, welcome to the forum. See the below topic cheers Reg
  9. Hi, yes, they are still working on object-flow which is what is delaying general release of the airports for P3dv4. cheers Reg
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