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  1. Oh gosh!! Oh gosh!!! I think I just lots control of all my bodily functions simultaneously! I'll be back! Thanks for that Aimee!
  2. Definitely a World simulator for me too Scott and Andy . I also use the sim in multiple ways and love maximum depth and versatility. Without that direction I think I would have lost sufficient interest in this hobby long ago to quite some extent...but thanks to great companies like Orbx and Turbulent existing who don't shy away from innovation, pushing the boundaries, animation, quality of detail within the airport/terminals as well as crucially creating detailed and locally-atmospheric surrounding cities, natural landscapes and POIs closer and closer to the real world, I was rescued and don't have to worry about losing interest in buying sceneries due to any lack of immersion as this world simulator keeps getting topped-up with more and more interesting things to see and a sense of a living dynamic world to fly and explore on land and water too, and that with negligible or irrelevant performance impact...fabulous development skills! P3D is after all marketed as a Land, Air and Sea simulator ultimately and I hope that capability keeps getting developed alongside constantly improving hardware so as much versatility of scenarios and flexibility and depth of use can be extracted from the simulator by as wide a variety of users, and therefore potential customers, that exist as is possible at any one time. We are indeed a very diverse bunch for sure, with a lot of great commonality but there is a substantial segment that loves to see detailed, immersive, alive, wide detailed-coverage areas and innovative dynamic scenery that can be explored indoor and out and not just limited to airport buildings either, being created by specialist Scenery developers like Orbx/Turbulent etc. It's exactly what makes these scenery developers great scenery developers. So I simply and humbly add to the group of opinions above in this favour and say keep up the great work and please don't stop innovating. So many exciting projects in the works right now here thanks to that innovation towards a closer immersion to reality within the sim world...and it all works and performs well! That constant advance is what keeps me glued and hooked . Please never stop doing what you do devs. Keep exciting us and giving us more of the real world to experience in our sim world. I can see that for some above it makes quite a difference to their lives and that sense gives me great joy to see . That's another little 2 cents added to the debate anyway. An interesting discussion.
  3. Thanks for the extra insight and facts Fred. I am absolutely loving this product. Yes, I noticed from your earlier comments that the old towns on the west coast of the IJsselmeer are some of your favourite places and in the sim I can definitely see why to the extent I can't wait to see those old towns in reality for myself. I also watched a documentary on the Deltawerken some time ago and it was fascinating and impressive, both the scale and capability of the project. Regarding ugly industrial places, these exist almost everywhere but remember, even the ugliest industrial places are a beauty in themselves when seen within the simulator...when it comes to simulator scenery...reality is beauty in itself! The fact that everywhere can be driven to within 1 - 3 hours makes it an ideally convenient country for visiting. Looking forward to it...but for now there's so much goodness in this scenery... ...I feel TrueEarth is a leap forward by this incredible company and a great success as a scenery and sign of things to come...we, on all decent flight sim platforms, live in truly exciting times thanks largely to Orbx! Thanks again Fred for enlightening me further on your country! Our world is such an endlessly fascinating and diverse wonderland! All the best, Sid
  4. Very nice work Matteo! Looking forward to completing my Gold Coast scenery and adding another much-needed destination for flights operating in the Oceania/Asia-Pacific parts of the world
  5. Congratulations Doug! Wishing you and Mina a wonderful and blessed future together!
  6. I like a person who can both be proud of his country and equally easily make light fun of it and his countrymen too...and Fred you fit that picture perfectly . Downloading your beautiful country as I type. I'm going to love exploring every inch of it as I'm just as mesmerized at its organisational beauty as I've noticed Jack Sawyer is. The preview screenshots have really showed why the Dutch are the masters of the world when it comes to Marine and Hydro engineering. Those waterways look so good that I'll also have to find a way to get one of Larry's navigable boats to see the country through its extensive waterways, if that's even possible. With half the country below sea level I cant wait to explore how your nation has literally reclaimed the sea and engineered a country. Netherlands TrueEarth just goes to show that flat can be damn exciting and gorgeous. I just know that once I've 'learnt the Netherlands' through the sim and got all my bearings, I cannot wait to actually cross the sea and start visiting and exploring all its geometry and beauty and history and engineering wonders on holidays in person as have never been there yet even though its been on the list for a long time now. Well, Orbx just got the Dutch Tourist board another visitor sooner rather than later now. Must be lovely in summer.
  7. Yup! We're all oiled up and good to go our end too John! Hit 'release' whenever you like and watch those servers go crazy! So excited for our first taste of TrueEarth HD!
  8. Seriously, Wow!! This is going to break new records all over again!! Can't wait! Ive been so sick all through the winter since before christmas, hence not posted for such a long while but seeing this has really lifted my spirits...Thank you all at Orbx for such amazingly detailed work in raising the bar entirely guys! Great showcase Iain and good to see those famous 3 words. The most excited I've been since the night FTX Global was first released
  9. Just keep it on the wish list Derek and I'm sure you'll get round to it some day. Just don't hang around waiting and hoping for a day when Orbx suddenly stops pumping out interesting and exciting scenery though because the way things are going in this incredible Anniversary year, you'll never get round to it ...I think you'll have to set aside a different budget from scenery at least, if you're to have any chance cos the great sceneries are a coming strong and fast soon by the looks of things. I do hope you get to try it out in the near future though and good luck in fulfilling the perpetual never-ending and seemingly unattainable wish list of hardware/software that just keeps on growing for all us flight simmers!
  10. I have one Derek and I love it...The more senses stimulated the more immersive the experience I find. Its no motion simulator but it certainly helps give you the sense you are not stationary. So I 'd second your recommendation.
  11. Right now I'm just stunned and lost for words regarding every single aspect of this news Jarrad! Except to say I'm absolutely whole-heartedly over the moon to see this new innovative FTX product line bringing a whole new dimension, immersion and level of possibilities into the Orbx world. Worldwide CityScenes injecting more life and unique vistas of hopefully some really interesting, distinct and characterful cities all around the globe! This will undoudtedly come with even more positive knock-on effects. Just what the doctor ordered for an even healthier sim experience. Simming just got a massive upgrade in my opinion! Thank you! Thank you! Truly, Thank you! I'll be buying every CityScene around the world! Emmsie, your shots...that city is looking beautiful! Looking forward to even more stunning shots and exploring Gold Coast as soon as its released. And then of course, I'll definitely need YBCG when that's released or how else will I get there . Delighted Jarrad! And great vision by Orbx and John...never ceases to surprise and delight! Last but not least, a huge customer welcome to Orbx's team Allen! So looking forward to everything you are going to bring to the table. Judging from Emmsie's shots and Jarrad's words, we are undoubtedly in for some spectacular and far-reaching treats from you in 2018 and the years ahead!
  12. Happy Birthday to a true Legend!! Thank you sincerely for all the advancements you have made and continue to make on the Flight sim globe for all of us to marvel at !! We all notice the magic! Have a wonderful day and a great weekend celebrating! Best wishes, Sid
  13. Indeed, Happy Birthday John!!! Love what you do here! Have a wonderful day celebrating and a great year ahead! All the best, Sid
  14. Happy Birthday Iain!!! Have a wonderful day and great year ahead! Keep those great screenshots coming! I love seeing them all! Enjoy! Sid
  15. I don't think a more important statement can be made John. Indeed, I've always felt that within those words lie many keys that can help the simulation marketplace grow even further by unlocking some of its future evolutionary steps and capabilities. And no one progresses their development with that insight and vision better than Orbx.
  16. Rob, I can't thank you enough! Lol, I made the same mistake but easily done as CAG seemed a viable airport code for Ganges and so I overlooked the same thing. Nevertheless, she's a perfect little vessel for taking in the breathtaking sceneries within the Orbx world...a real beauty and the ideal size I think. In fact, I'm so excited to read your post and instructions this morning that I'm going to have a coffee and then fire up the sim and get straight into trying to get those seaplane bases of Larry's and his Angelfish installed and jump on board for a first sailing. The only thing I need to decide is if I want to try her out with VR or monitors first time put...I'm thinking I'll start with the traditional monitor-method first. I'm presuming I just download those great-looking freeware sceneries through FTX Central and then just have to find that 'Extras' folder and there'll be some kind of installation file for the Angelfish?! Thank you for taking the time to firstly introduce me to a 'hidden gem' I had no idea about and then to even help me in getting started with how to find her so I can do a bit of virtual sailing in Orbx's sceneries for some 'light-hearted fun' as a nice change. Looking forward to being up and running with the Angelfish and seeing different vistas from another perspective. Once I've done some taking-in of the outstanding natural beauty of British Columbia, my only hope that remains is that I can also start her up anywhere...and from your advice that she can be loaded into a flight plan, that sounds pretty plausible. Otherwise, it's gonna be one long voyage getting her over from BC to the waterways of the upcoming FTX Netherlands . I think I'll have to use the Northwest Passage...lol. Wonderful stuff! See you out on the water someday Cheers again Rob! All the best, Sid
  17. I agree strongly Michael. Very good recommendations.
  18. Oh wow! Are you serious Rob? There's actually a navigable boat included with Ganges? I had absolutely no idea. Do you mind me asking...How big is it and how can I use it? For instance, does it appear as a vehicle in P3D's vehicle selection screen? Hopefully quite small. Thank you so much for filling me in! I'm going to be straight on it when I can get to the sim. So can I really get in that boat, launch it anywhere in P3D V4.1 and explore any of the waterways within the Orbx world from that perspective! My imagination suddenly runs wild With the amazing quality, accuracy and beauty of the latest and upcoming Orbx sceneries, I would simply love, for a nice change, to just get in that boat and e.g. cruise down the Danube of FTX GES/GEN, explore the fjords of FTX Norway and North America, take a look at Whangarei from the water and most of all my latest inspiration, with FTX Netherlands being so flat yet so very accurate and detailed, cruise along and explore that nation's beauty, history, marine engineering and architectural feats through its incredible and iconic canal system and waterways! And then, when FTX Asia South comes to life, perhaps a trip up the other Ganges might reveal some great sights, particualarly in its upper reaches close to the Himalayas and around its huge delta region e.g. the Sunderbans mangroves. Just the first few flashes of inspiration that come immediately into my head. I can just as well imagine loving seeing those same sceneries by their roads as these roads are now well defined for driving along on a road trip I'd imagine. Perhaps a little silly to some I'm sure but I'll definitely start with a good cruise around a gorgeous-looking original CAG8 Ganges with Larry's boat. I'm so grateful to you for enlightening me to it's existence Rob! Really appreciate it! Thank you very much!
  19. I couldn't have said it any better Andy! This is exactly how I love to see and use the simulator...as an Earth simulator and as P3D markets it, as a Land, Sea and Air simulator. And in that light, I love as much detail, animation everywhere as is technically possible. I hope that P3D can continue to advance these capabilities. In that light, if Orbx, or any other dev (or even LM) could give us at least one quality and immersive car (wheeled land vehicle) and one such boat (yacht etc) in addition to all our aircraft and 'Mr. Avatar', that would be a dream come true for me to explore and train in all manner of ways, means and perspectives, a more and more detailed Orbx Earth (composed of landclass and photoreal areas). Sheer bliss and the widest uses of the potential of this simulator for all sorts of end users, perhaps even new ones facilitating further expansion and customer base of the simulator and all add-on developers and their potential revenue as the future develops and potentially transforms. My only other wish, ai trains of at least famous journeys globally, just like the kind of ai ship traffic available. Oh and more herds of animal wildlife animated (as would be in less performance-heavy areas anyway). Orbx heaven on Orbx Earth if you ask me. Bring it all on, bring on any details, bring on any sense of animation and life into the General and global sim environment...a living world! I'd struggle to get out of it and all the various vehicles...lol! Now that's a 'second life'...lol. Fascinating discussion above.
  20. Hi Ant! I also just wish to add my welcome to these great forums...the above guys have just exemplified why I use the adjective 'great'! Love it If only we could make the rest of the world work like this place...isn't Orbx land a Utopia?! Get started in this Sale buddy, get stuck in and discover it all for yourself! It's what got me back into simming back in 2012-ish.
  21. Wow! Thank you so much John! On reading this you have already made 2018 a very happy one for me! Now I can only wish that Singapore could be one of your planned Cityscapes for Asia. Really looking forward to see what can be done with Africa...in reality it's a beautiful, unique and diverse continent and finally for the first time ever we'll get to discover that in a simulator So exciting and wonderful news! A humble Thank you again for announcing the above yumminess! All the very best with it all and if I can help in the background e.g. With R&D or anything, in anyway, I'd simply be delighted. Good luck OpenLC team...so looking forward to you truly opening up our 'world' with Orbx magic!
  22. Congratulations John! Wow...all 4 platforms! I absolutely love it!!! The shots are amazing! In light of recent Orbx news and monitoring of recent flight sim developments over the past year, I have also this Christmas joined what I think is a growing gang of multi-platform simmers and now officially use 3 of those sims...the 64 bit ones. Still tried to do my best to contribute my little share of support in the Orbx Sale and planning on much more as we start 2018 and things like above masterpiece come to market on multiple platforms. Apart from that, I only got two other prezzies from Santa this Christmas...their called Influenza A and Influenza B...and I can't wait to get shod of them...Lol! Have an absolutely wonderful New Year! And a very very Happy New Year to all the wonderful staff, developers, team and great gang of fellow simmers here at Orbx!!! Love the Kamaradary and sense of positive community that's always here amongst friends! Keep up the great work with the new upcoming ventures...from strength to strength...Orbx lives up to it for yet another year running! kind regards, Sid
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