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  1. Recently had the same diagnosis, Iain. My cardiologist has me on restricted liquids - not more than 1.5 litres per day, plus diuretic in addition to other medication. Can't even have more than 1 beer - Bugger !
  2. Still here - like Berger Paints, keep on keeping on.
  3. Hi All, Thanks for the encouragement - I have not built a new computer since 2013 and how things have changed ! My old system was based on an ITX motherboard in a Bitfenix Prodigy case, so I decided to give my old hands ( & Brain ) a bit more room to work in. However, I did like the horizontal m/board and so I went for a Thermaltake Core V21 case this time. The rest of my specs are :- Motherboard MSI B450 Mortar Max CPU AMD Ryzen 5 1600AF RAM 16Gb G Skill Flare-X 3200 Cooling Noctua NH-U12S * Graphics MSI NVidia GTX 1060 6Gb * Storage Samsung 870 EVO Plus 500Gb NvMe Samsung 860 QVO 2 Tb SSD * Samsung 850 EVO 1 Tb SSD W/Digital Velociraptor 1 Tb HDD (10,000 rpm) * NB: Items with * were from my old setup and I replaced the stock front fan on the V21 case with a Noctua NF-A20 ( 200mm PWM Fan for improved air flow capacity ). I know that I am taking a chance on the CPU at AUD185, but if it does not perform with X-Plane I have the opportunity to upgrade to a 3600. Also, I was on a limited budget from my Supervisor Cheers, Bill.
  4. Hi everyone, My old computer gave up the ghost in mid -March ( Covid -19 ???) so after a suitable time for grieving, and working out the finances, I now have a new rig set up and apparently working OK. All I have to do now is to set up my Sims and take to the skies again. Great to be back on the Forum. Cheers to all. Bill
  5. 79 and 6/12 Just checking your eyesight ! Cheers, Bill.
  6. Hi Guys, I just installed a Samsung 2 Tb SSD. A really " nice piece of kit " Bill.
  7. Hi Heinz Could you please show the steps you took to uninstall ORBX Central and to re-install FTX Central 3. Many thanks. Bill
  8. Perhaps it is all due to perspective and Trigonometree Sorry guys - could not resist ! Bill.
  9. After much fun and frustration, I made the decision to go back to Basics and learn to fly the Cessna 152 properly. So I set myself up with Carenado's C152 and ,when I have truly mastered the rudiments, I will graduate to A2A's C 172. Bill.
  10. Turn 78 on the15th March. - thought I had better log in while I still can ! Really appreciate the cameraderi and the great sense of humour of senior colleagues. Bill
  11. Although I have worked in some noisy environments and have been known to frequent discotheques in earlier times, I never suffered from Tinnitus until I was prescribed and took a Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory medication. Only after researching did I discover that Tinnitus was a side effect for some people. Bill.
  12. Your safety is the most important thing - hope it is not too cold where you are staying. At least you have a home to go back to, unlike the landlord. Now it's Barrow-in- Furnace ! If you will forgive my Geordie humour.
  13. Although it would be great to have an updated YPPH, I can't see it happening in the short term. Perth International is due for not only a 3rd runway, but also Terminal modifications are necessary to accommodate the recently announced Qantas Dreamliner service to London direct commencing in 2018 Bill.
  14. Respect and gratitude for those who gave all and those who survived. Never forgotten !
  15. Yes, it would be very nice to have an updated Perth International, but there are many changes in the pipeline including a third runway so it is not realistic to expect any developer to commit at this time. Perth is the capital city of Western Australia ( WA - colloquially known as Wait Awhile. We are used to doing just that ! ). Bill.
  16. What size is your FSX SSD? You might be better off cloning it to a new bigger SSD . Bill
  17. Yes, Bruce. I have done so previously - Adrian at FSS can verify your download Order No. and can arrange for DVD at an extra cost ( $10.55 )
  18. Hi Caaront If you contact FSS I think you will be able to order a DVD version for $10.55 - as you already must have an Order No to confirm that you have already paid for the download. I did this for an earlier product - no problems Bill.
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