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  1. Surprising that some of the ground textures, especially the roads and road markings, are so poor. Blurred textures in some of the screenshots. Given that the other textures are much sharper, I wonder why the roads and road markings are so much lower quality. Jerry
  2. I think that Ryan (Missionary Bush Pilot) flies for another company, not MAF. I believe that he may have done some training with them but is not flying for them, Jerry
  3. I was surprised that AmSim never replied to the support ticket which I raised with them. That says a lot to me. Orbx on the other hand were very good with their replies and their help. Now that people using MSFS 2020 are used to the quality levels of airports such as the newer ones from Orbx, then I guess a lot of people will be surprised and also very disappointed with the AmSim LPMA add-on. It is just not in the same league as other MSFS 2020 airport add-ons. Lots of information and photos on the internet but it appears that AmSim ignored a lot of the information out there. There are even some freeware add-ons (not for LPMA) which are streets ahead of this add-on from AmSim. This is one product that I hope gets pulled from the Orbx direct marketplace soon. Jerry
  4. A new record today....first time ever that I have installed and also uninstalled an add-on in the same day. After initial problems to install the new Madeira airport (LPMA) which I purchased yesterday, I discovered that the quality of this add-on is unbelievable low. At first I thought that the developers might have ported over a FSX version of the airport, but now that I have tried it out more then it looks more like FS2004 (remember that ?). Building textures are terrible and there are so many mistakes around the airport, such as large patch of trees and plants on one end of the apron. Not only that but the buildings immediately outside the airport (near to the runway) look terrible, and concrete walls on the side of the runway are way out of proportion. I find it hard to accept that a developer can release an add-on of this low quality for MSFS 2020. We know that FAR better quality is possible, not this cartoon-looking rendering which has just been released. If you are used to the high quality of developers like Orbx then this new add on for Madeira Airport from AMSim will come as a shock. And not a good one either. Definitely NOT 'as real as it gets'. Deleted it already as a bad purchase. Jerry
  5. Just purchased this and tried to install but I am getting a message which says that it cannot be installed into the selected simulator. I have sent a message to AMSIM support but I guess that there will be no landings at LPMA tonight. Jerry
  6. Just tried to purchase Stockholm Bromma via Orbx Central....got the same error when trying to pay with Paypal. Only got 1 item in the cart but still cannot pay using Paypal. Frustrating as I was hoping to try out Bromma tonight. Jerry
  7. It may have been a long wait, but it looks like it was definitely worth waiting for. Looks an excellent airport add-on. Credit card is ready ! Jerry
  8. Is it just me or do other people also think that the prices for MSFS 2020 add-on aircraft are now getting expensive? I can appreciate that there is more work involved in developing add-on aircraft for MSFS 2020 but I think that the prices for some aircraft (especially single engine propellor aircraft) are getting expensive. For a complex aircraft such as the CRJ 700 then is fine, but for 'simpler' aircraft it seems to be over the top. But perhaps it is just me thinking this........The developers can charge what the market will bear....but some of the prices seem to me to be OTT, Jerry
  9. Nice airport for GA and some great screenshots too. Jerry
  10. Surprised to see how big Brest airport is...thought that the TGV trains would be taking most of the passengers from there. Great set of screenshots though. Jerry
  11. Fuel On, Mags on both, Clear Prop ! The trusty C172 at Parafield, Australia. Jerry
  12. A long way from home, a Lufthansa CRJ 700 overflying Sydney. The range of the CRJ is 1434 nm so it will need a few refuelling stops to get back home. Jerry
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