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  1. Because, Venturi, I'm going back home. I'm going back to familiar ground. I'm returning to something I can trust. Something I know. FS2004 and California Classics scenery, aircraft, and programs are my old neighborhood which I am thoroughly familiar with. The programs are turnkey. No tweaking or troubleshooting required. Steam would be brand new to me and I'm not ready to invest my time and effort into unknowns anymore. At my age I want to relax; not get frustrated. Noel
  2. 1 - Make it The Glenlivit and you're on Doug. 2 - No, Death Valley is one of my ten most favorite places on earth and I love to explore it. And I've uninstalled and re-installed too many times to make a career of it. And I'm not good at troubleshooting computer problems. Since nobody else has a forest in Death Valley it has to something wrong with my system that I'm not smart enough to figure out. 3 - But Ken, once we're out of this tunnel there's going to be another one. This is like riding the California Zephyr up the Front Range and through the continental divide. 32 tunnels in all. I'm not a purist. Flight simming is not an avocation with me, it's a pastime. And flying the MAAM DC-3 to so many of the major airports in the world existing in 1962 during the transition from propliners to early jets is kinda fun too. And California Classics makes all those 1960s airports without gates and turn-around parking at the terminal. Noel
  3. After 4 days of uninstalling Orbx and reinstalling it again to get rid of the forest in Death Valley it came back after installing Global this afternoon. I'm done. I'm going back to FS2004 and California Classics 1960s propliners and scenery. I seem to be the only one with this problem and I am way out of my league here. No, FS2004 is not as beautiful and glamorous as P3D/Orbx but it is a lot less demanding. Such a high maintenance mistress is out of my class. I'm dumping Bambi Glamorpuss for Dora Kowalski in the mail room. She doesn't get a headache every time I want to take her flying. Hope you don't mind if I hang around this forum even if I'm not an Orbxer anymore. I kinda like the people and the conversations. Noel
  4. Thanks for the rapid response Nick. Noel
  5. As I understand it FTX Global is simply a texture replacement for either FSX or P3D. If that understanding is correct then in my latest reinstallation where I only deleted Orbx sceneries but left P3D intact then those Global textures should still be sitting there in P3D. But whenever I open FTX Central 2 it urges me to buy Global as if it is not already installed. Do I have to reinstall Global again? Noel
  6. My fingernails break off when they get long. Noel
  7. I think I'll start using stylus Sue. That looks like the best option. And grand daughter is precious. We have Old English, Middle English, Shakespearian English, Modern English, and Textimg English....adn nevr teh twians sahll mete. Noel
  8. By the third or fourth call of the day it's hard to be nice Rodger. They are invading our privacy. They are interrupting whatever we happen to be doing; reading a book, eating breakfast, flying your simulator, cleaning up the kitchen, watching television, whatever. I don't have to be nice to them to feel self-righteous and superior. Noel
  9. Although I don't see the point of texting when you can easily talk to people and leave voice messages I do admire the way so many people seem to do it so easily. My B&N Nook has a keyboard on it I have to use when I want to order a new book. And I have a terrible time with it. I have never been able to enter a book title or an author's name in one try. I am always hitting an adjacent key or two keys at once. So I have to constantly backtrack to make corrections. This morning wanted ordered a new book and it's really frustrating for me. How do you do it with big fingers and tiny keyboards? Noel
  10. I don't have a landline jsapair, I only have a cell phone. That Sentry won't do me any good. I don't know many people who have landlines anymore. Noel
  11. Another good telecaller response I heard about last night. "Have you bee saved brother (or sister as the case may be)? Let us kneel and pray together for the salvation of your eternal soul." Noel
  12. Looks like that only works with land lines jsapair. Noel
  13. As I mentioned before I did not reinstall Tongass Fjords when I reinstalled Orbx. Everything non-Orbx was still there. I only reinstalled Orbx files. I don't know what's supposed to be there and what's not. I am assuming that when I originally installed Tongass everything was there. This is the way Wrangell and Sitka have always looked for me and I am satisfied with that. Sitka Wrangell Noel
  14. So far so good. I have SCA, NCA, PNW, PFJ, Tongass Fjords, SAK, NRM and CRM installed. I also have installed all the airports for CRM, NCA, SCA, and PFJ installed except for KWYS-West Yellowstone, KBZN-Bozeman and KBLU-Blue Canyon which haven't got quad installers released yet. After each installation I check Death Valley and it still looks OK. Tomorrow I will install the airports for NRM, SAK, and PNW. Noel
  15. Ya know Spud, I may have used the migration tool when installing Tongass Fjords. I did have it installed then. This time around I had to do nothing because it was already there. After reinstalling SAC and PFJ I did go to Sitka to se if it Tongass was still working and it was as it should be. Noel
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