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  1. If you were really intent on restricting your view (I don't know why you would want to), you could display a 21:9 window on the Samsung and it would still be wider than any native 21:9 monitor you can buy! I'm not sure about the 'cockpit mode' (vertical orientation), I'd have to try that out!
  2. TrackIR is the original and best, if you can find one. Don't bother with the track clip pro option. Whatever you buy make sure it support 6DOF.
  3. I suggest you empty your cart and start again with a single Orbx region. Which one depends on where you most want to fly, but take the Pacific Northwest as an example. This will do the same as the Global Base and Vector products, but better - though only for that region. It will also upgrade all the airports in the region to better than default. I think this generally means correcting runway orientations, elevations and blending into the landscape, plus adding some generic furniture such as buildings and parked traffic where the default doesn't have any. Global Buildings will overlay better generic building textures on autogen buildings. I presume terraFlora does the same for vegetation, though I have the Trees HD product instead. It helps to know that the Global Base and Vector products are derived from the specific region products. In other words, they don't add anything to the regions, but they 'borrow' bits from all the Orbx regions and use them in a generic way to make the rest of the world look better than default.
  4. Make sure you map throttle, prop and mixture, not throttle1, prop1 and mixture1. The former will address all engines in unison, the latter are for a speciifc engine.
  5. Well, that depends on the question. If you are trying to replicate what a human eye would see from the same position, there is a right answer because by and large all human eyes are the same. On the assumption that WideViewAspect does the same in MSFS as it does in all the previous versions, I confidently predict that it makes no qualitative difference to the view, but only affects how the 'zoom' numbers are mapped onto what you see. I haven't followed all of your examples in detail, but I expect what you are seeing is that zooming in reduces distortion at the peripheries so it is less noticeable, which is how it has always been. P.S. I note that your screenshots are 16:9, which means the distortion will in any case be relatively minor even in extreme (low zoom factor) cases. Distortion has never been a real problem except for ultra-wide displays.
  6. You need to make sure you set the 'full-screen resolution' to the resolution of your monitor. It will look a bit stretched at the extremes but normal towards the centre. I don't know what you mean by 'condensed', but if it llooks different in Windowed mode you probably have this setting wrong. Your gauges should be round in the middle of the screen.
  7. The thumbnail gives it away. I literally discovered this by accident. Skip to 7:20 for the punchline, or watch it all the way find it yourself
  8. Hello Howard. I use Leo Bodnar boards and LINDA. It's not that hard, although the programming side can get a bit involved depending on what you need to do. I wrote a little book on what I did. The same info is in all there in my Twin Otter videos, it's just a bit more spread out
  9. I vote for bringing the maps back, I don't have Orbx Central on all my devices.
  10. That's not what it says. The only other reference I can find is from FS Elite, although it looks like he got his info from that key.aero report. He reads it the same as I do, which is that the original Alpha won't be supported.
  11. Good news, although it also says that the current Alpha yoke will not be compatible and will be discontinued in favour of the new XBox-compatible one
  12. It seems to me there is a massive advantage to running this on something like an XBox over running it on a PC. I don't know much at all about consoles in general but surely an XBox is much more of a closed system, which means it's going to work pretty much the same on everyone's XBox because they all have exactly the same hardware and software, with less (or no) potential to mess things by fiddling. And it's going to stay that way because we're not running and constantly adding or removing unrelated bits of software. It has long been abundantly clear that home computers are not equivalent to simple home appliances, however much Microsoft on Apple would like us to believe they are. An XBox is closer to that model as a game platform. Of course there is a down side, which is that to keep it a closed platform you need to regulate the addons. I'm willing to accept that for a reliable, well-performing system that works in a way that is compelling to use. That stops short of using an XBox controller to fly, but I might settle for a single screen display with TrackIR and proper flight controls.
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