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  1. Thanks guys. Quick Misha, and anyone else, get the new updates, esp Vlad's fantastic work & SP2 for NRM. CEJ4 is truly insane, more clutter and detail than in many paywares.

    Winter. Dusk. Spokane (BEFORE I get Jarrad's Felts). I just took more screenies than I have ever done, the terrain and houses are gorgeous in that light with snow.

    Like this!

    Posted Image

    You will enjoy Felts when you get it . Nice evening shot here .


  2. Hello

    I just purchased through FSS the downloaded version of AUSP4200 . When trying to install this I get about 2/3 through when it asks to insert Disk 1 ? Anyway in FTX Central AU region is not coming up .

    So I know the installation did not complete . Any help will be apreciated .


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