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  1. Brad, I have to say your light settings already were perfect - my favourite is tha magic last one!

    Looking forward to see your Aussie tours pimped up with OZx (you will need 3.0-3.2, plus both libraries). And: do not forget to also instal Ant´s Airports (http://aussiex.org/f...-lynch-scenery/). Little work, no risk, great pleasure!

    Got the downloads going right now , and I had found Ants also to do . Thank you for the kind comments . I run two computers now and the shots for these were on my Gateway running P3D .



  2. When I post a screenshot I really appreciate when somebody tells me something is not right with the shot . Say maybe

    The AA setting is too high or maybe there are updates for airports I do not know about . I only speak for myself

    But the only way I can impove my shots is by the wisdom of others . So all of you out there - Do not hold back

    Tell me what you really think . But please be gentle . Ha Ha .



  3. Nice ones!

    But may I recommend you grab the OZx airfields? They vamp the somewhat out-of-way airfields up considerably.



    Tell me more , is this a service patch over AUSP04 ? . I am familiar with OZx with there great source for

    Paint jobs . I do have coming this week the Orbx add on for Cairns .



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