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  1. Real wonderful shots John! Nice light in all of them too!

    ... These areas are never ever getting boring - once You think You have seen it all, there comes another great place along around the corner making You say:


    And the vivid ship traffic here is also fantastic!

    This entire area will I think become one of go to area's once Orbx SAK is released . Thanks for your kind comments to all of you .
  2. ... i also have been there just recently! :D

    ... But i think it's the ORBX party going on here...


    Although quite some years old by now, Australia is still a superb and fantastic scenery add-on!

    I hope that it will get some new update from time to time and also some face-lifting for its textures - not because what we have by now does not look really amazing, but simply to keep it alive and vivid!

    I am also really looking very much forward to and eagerly awaiting the releases for this beautiful country scheduled for release this year.

    I know:

    Many flightsimmers do not leave their home areas very often, which is fully okay.

    For me personally spoken though it's just a simple fact and very exciting that exploring the globe virtually in a plane has never been as fantastic and "realistic" as nowadays and:

    It's continuously getting better and better!

    And Australia - this is were i come back to the party now ... - is certainly and always worth a visit - ... especially when having winter here in "the real world" :D!

    For me It is a way to see the world . NZ and AU are on my bucket list to visit in person , but if I don't make it at least I was there via ORBX . Thanks for the kind comments .


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