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  1. I dont think your houses in the water are a settings issue, but more of a scenery install issue. How did you uninstall PNW? Can you post some screen shots of your FSX settings? What products do you have installed now?
  2. Hey Solstice Its unfortunate that people still come up with these inaccurate, unnecessary and ridiculous statements at this stage of the game in your experience, your HD7770 graphics card is more than adequate for you at this time
  3. Hey Russ I haven't tried it yet, but I am sure it will work. I never really needed that patch as I dont usually switch over to the hard winter mode anyway, and I am back to the original ver 1.0 now... so I will report if I make any more changes. I do very much appreciate the effort you guys put in to these and to try to keep us all happy! Not an easy task.
  4. Hey Mal Thats what I initially tried and it didnt work out for me, I had to do the remove the whole airport thing.. and then reinstall the original ver 1.0 and the newest libs. Check your CZST control panel functions to make sure they work properly now
  5. There I am back to version 1.0 which is the original full CZST airfield, and deleted patch 1.1 from my storage folder so I dont accidently install it again in the future hahaha. It was a very painless operation to revert back, but you would think they would test these before they just throw them out there lol, sure wouldnt want to start to lose confidence in the product.
  6. I know eh! Lol Here is the issue I posted in the support thread and have received zero response hahah http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/73079-czst-issue/
  7. I somehow messed up my CZST. After I applied the latest update for this airport all the airport buildings disappeared, I then reinstalled the full CZST app which recovered all the buildings but was in hard winter mode with non slippery surfaces, so I reinstalled the update again which allowed me to change seasons but it will not allow me to make changes in the CZST control panel and only the runway and tarmac surfaces are now locked in hard winter non slippery surface mode. What did I do wrong?
  8. I would not be surprised if it improved your systems performance.
  9. Hmm Interesting.... here is what my PAJN looks like. This is with FTX Global, FTX Vector, FSGlobal2010 mesh, and SAK. I also have FS Tongass Fjords installed, but PAJN is not part of.
  10. Here are some shots I took of the KDCA area. This is also with stock FSX with FTX Global, FTX Vector, and FSGlobal2010 mesh.
  11. Hey Vlad Thanks, sure was an easy fix, and I even got to learn something! I am still a very happy flight simmer! Cheers Doug
  12. Yep, fairly serious, except I do keep the play above 10,000', at or below that is all flying only (cockpit rule). It is really fun tho explaining to the girls that flight simming is not a game. Seriously!!
  13. Hi Vlad Cool! thanks! I will have a look, although I am not quite sure exactly where to look, I will learn something new again I have got my rig shut down for the day, but will be back tomorrow after work. Can I call on you for more help with that if need be? Cheers!
  14. I chat with girls on dating websites sometimes when I am bored at cruise altitude with autopilot on. Lol
  15. Thanks Guys! Always looking forward to SP's and updates, and always learning Just a happy flight simmer lol
  16. What could cause this issue? This is at CYBW. The funny thing is that the big airport a few miles away (CYYC) and at CEF4 everything is fine.
  17. Lol! I am on the other side....er..same side with you bro Cheers Doug
  18. Oh, for sure! I am just being silly I am actually quite happy with my modest 4.6 overclock and dont feel the need to push much higher, Is your UD5 the newest version?
  19. Thats awesome! Maybe have to try out a H100 and crank that 6300 up to 4.8?
  20. Ya, love my UD5, its the first version 1.1 with non GUI Bios, but I am starting to get to know my way around it lol. I still need a little more practice to get the 5.0ghz stable but my Inwin Mana case with five 120mm fans plus the two pushing through the H100, i have had no cooling issues 50c seems to be the consistent temp for both the CPU and GPU with a good load on. Your 6300 sounds like its running good tho! nice!
  21. Cool! I also know that FSX does not benefit from crossfire ATI cards, if anything it decreases performance, I am not sure how that works with the Nvidia stuff? Can you run multi monitors off one GTX690?
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