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  1. Great news! I'll definitely get it when it's released. Gonna do my first round the world flight when the whole openLC puzzle is finished.
  2. Milviz PC-6 for sure. Took first flight in Mauritania last night with the Carenado Short S330 actually. Somehow fits in africa, rugged transport aircraft. Also the Dornier 228 would fit I think.
  3. Looks great but how will I be able to fly in with my Learjet on gps without the navdata? I mean, that airport is actually TOO new.
  4. Fantastiskt Marcus! Landvetter is the airport I´ve flown to and from the most so far in real life. I wouldn´t call Gothenburg a "winter wonderland" though, we usually get "grey" winters there lol! Anyway, day one purchase! Best regards, Andreas
  5. Yeah, that VRAM usage (if you turn up TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP) will cost a lot of people a lot of money. Personally I can't afford in anything above 8GB VRAM or up right now and I'm not upgrading to P3D 64-bit since it won't make any difference in visual fidelity on my current rig. Maybe in a few years when 8GB+ cards are lower-mid range and affordable. Too much of an investment atm plus I'd have to upgrade my RAM too since 8GB won't cut it any more. No hurries, no worries.
  6. Poor Emmsie, best wishes to you and the nearest and dearest...and Rollo. Your house didn't burn down, that's something positive at least. Wait a second, the pub burnt down?! Ooh the humanity! Cheers!/Andreas
  7. I submitted a request for a full refund for all my Orbx purchases, since I haven't been able to use them for almost a month soon, a few days ago. I still haven't got any response, how long does it usually take? Cheers!/Andreas
  8. This is exactly how I feel and think about all of this. Very mixed feelings. Fantastic products, everything else: totally horrible. Not only the lack of paypal option but also the fact I have to use an extra VPN service -which I refuse- to even download my purchased products. I could live with JV's ramblings in the past because, well, just ignore them really but now issues are really piling up. Hope for a better 2017 but not expecting it. Happy New Year! (hopefully)/Andreas
  9. Hi Richard, thanks for the tip. All other web related services are working just fine full speed for me. Only FTX Central and Orbxdirect.com are giving me grief. I only need to look at my router lights when trying to download something from Orbx, not even a blink. If there were MS updates clogging up my bandwidth, I would've noticed. Cheers!/Andreas
  10. Glad it works for you, any downloads I try be it manual or through FTX Central gives me estimated download times that range from 1-2 weeks. I have 24Mbit dsl. I can get around it via VPN but then I'd have to pay for a VPN service subscription and that isn't happening. Hope they fix the problem soon. Cheers!/Andreas
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