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  1. Oh I do like that. Cheers. Phil.
  2. Thankyou Ralf but unfortunately, after double checking, I was already logged in. Cheers Phil
  3. So I need to be logged in before beginning the purchase process? Oh dear. it looks like I am already logged in and I can still see the $40.95 asking price. Fat lot of good that your rather aggressive answer did me. Cheers Phil.
  4. I have directed this question to FSS but I was hoping somebody here might already have the answer. I am just about to hit the confirm purchase button for EU Scotland but so far, even though I have EU England and Wales, no 15% discount has been added to my EU Scotland order yet. Is this right, will the discount be added afterward or do I need to use a discount code or some such? I will be buying it regardless but after being offered a 15% discount I was really hoping to be able to redeem it. Cheers Phil F
  5. Glorious, shabby chic, windswept and interesting. Lovely shots. Cheers Phil.
  6. Oh but it's a fine one. Cheers Phil.
  7. Great shots. Cheers Phil.
  8. I agree. Lovely shot. Cheers Phil
  9. Cracking shots. Looks stunning. Cheers Phil.
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