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  1. Super shots, been away for a while due to work and it's great to see how things have developed since early summer!
  2. So last week I was lucky enough to find myself sat in the back seat of a Westland Scout Helicopter on a mission from a farm in Somerset to North Weald in Essex and back. We flew back via a fuelling stop at Thruxton and decided to pass through Compton Abbas in case any photographers wanted a dusk shot of a Scout. (As it happened, there was almost nobody there!). We approached from the east (rather like the three wise men) onto 26 and kept to the north side of the runway to keep our wash out of the way of a taxying microlight. (could well be JV in the Trike - have a look!). Slowed to a crawl outside the restaurant, then pulled on the power and departed towards the Somerset Levels due west. Apologies for the noise, filmed on my phone and Scouts rattle and vibrate like nothing else! Amazing fun though! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfTvLuyNKoM Yours truly standing next to the Scout at North Weald. Just banking over the M25, the Dome (or O2 Arena) just above the GPS mount on the console. Friday afternoon traffic on M25.. most satisfying feeling ever!! Whizzing over the Dartford Crossing! More pictures on my PC, if anyone does want to see I will post them
  3. An unbelievable leg from Christchurch to Auckland. I have NZSI but not NI, so it was interesting to see how FTX Global + Vector measured up to the full fat regions. As I crossed over, textures darkened, I suspect because it is supposed to be winter in that area of the world right now. However, I always think of the Lord of the Rings whenever I fly in virtual NZ and NI didn't disappoint! The plains looked fantastic! Rolling out. Flying up the east coast. Not bad..?? Thank you for looking!
  4. Another leg today, longish, boring one from Hobart to Christchurch. The end of the trip across South Island was fantastic though! Still nothing to report mechanically. Climbing out of Hobart. In for the long haul! Looking good! Cruising. Dusk as we hit New Zealand. Hope we don't have a disaster here! Getting darker.. Downwind. Short finals! As ever, thanks for looking!
  5. So the US decided to send a reliable fighter that doesn't have a hangar queen reputation to the UK for the airshow season....
  6. Thanks all for the kind comments Yes I could well do. Literally planning it as I go, however I could publish London to Melbourne??
  7. Super set.. but I'd stick to your F18s if I were you!
  8. Where are the screenshots.. I see only photos...
  9. So chaps, finally got round to doing another leg. Off from Melbourne to Hobart today. Things have gotten a little chilly on the other side of the world it seems since I've flown Silver Queen last! Good thing she responded well and no faults so far.. Enjoy! Raining.. again?? Over Melbourne First sight of Tasmania! Snow! Just fantastic!! Short finals.. still not sure how these aussie PAPI/VASI lights work?? Taxying to parking Thank you for looking through!
  10. Good luck chaps! In light of the PNG announcement, I've been dusting off my Twin Otter in NZ. Quick Turnaround
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