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  1. Thanks for the info, much appreciated however, adding it to Orbx Central will complete the ring.
  2. I found by chance several free products from Orbx that couldn't by identified as free if I did not scroll and select those items (may be I don't know another easier way), I suggest adding a new tab to Orbx Central to display those high quality products. Ali A.
  3. Honestly, it was very much expected, it was my #1 look out and waiting for product due to currently poor coverage of NAME area with every available sim, Orbx was my only hope to bring a decent product to improve things, but since MSFS was announced and when I watched/read about the potential of the new sim I dropped all future add-on purchase for P3D sim (I own them all, but I only enjoy P3D V4.5), and just waiting for the future. thanks Orbx for the great work and I'm sure you will maintain the best scenery/airports provider for MSFS. Ali A.
  4. I think MSFS 2020 announcement trailer was a good motivation for Orbx (and others) to start giving some attention to OLC products (that were put aside for some time in favor of X-Plane products) before the real thing comes out then there will be less and less customers for the OLC product line..
  5. I just need the middle east area, is it going to be part of OLC Africa or Asia? in Orbx released map (long time ago) it was drafted as part part of OLC Africa, but during last Xms webcast some Orbx commentator said it is going to be part of Asia, I'm confused.
  6. @John Venema would you please confirm if Middle East area going to be part of OLC Africa as per Orbx original plan (see this map); some one from Orbx systems said (NOPE) during twitch stream but I couldn't find any official areas new map (if there is any). Best Regards Ali A.
  7. from announcement thread; " We will be gauging the feedback to this move as we explore if to do the same for the payware airports." this is not a good indication of ObjectFlow for P3Dv4 going to be ready any time soon :-(
  8. is there going to be a way to use same prev. Orbx installation from V3 (something like alias to V4) instead of having a duplicate installation on same SSD if I have V3 already installed with all Orbx addons?
  9. all the talk about 64bit sim, nothing about DX12, I hope P3D or DT will adopt DX12, at least as a preview option (to make use of current powerful graphic cards) till it's mature enough for people to switch to, just like DX10 was in FSX. Ali A.
  10. I never mind change, actually I do try and test most of Windows releases before they even officially released (very eager to see how it behaves and in what way it's improved), but we are talking about functionality for certain thing here related to FSX specifically for optimum joy with less headache and not the OS in general. Best regards Ali A.
  11. Had to go back from Win8.1 64bit to Win7 64Bit because of; 1- Joystick connection gets lost during flight (can be solved by FSUIPC but I did not like it's outcome). 2- I have 3 Dell monitors (27" 2560X1440) in portrait mode, P3D does not span over all monitors in windowed or full window mode (they say it's nVidia driver problem) but it works perfect on Win64. 3- Ultimate Traffic 2 does not work for me under Win8/8.1 (some other people reported it's working for them). Those are my three major issues with Win8.1 64bit, other than that every things works as it should. Wish you best of luck.
  12. Thanks for the update Why can't you include Orbxlibs with the installer and automate it's installation? And one final note: please don't forget about middle east LC Best Regards Ali A.
  13. Thanks for the info Unfortunately even airport lights are elevated as well, I don't think MT 2013 got anything to do with that
  14. AI traffic hanging in the air at KSEA! I have posted this over at AVSIM and some one suggested it might be an FTX-GV, can some one please confirm that and how to correct it? https://www.flickr.com/photos/121311384@N04/13386974435/ P3D 2.1 My Traffic 2013 FTX-Global FTX-Vector Thanks
  15. Very nice, can we get some shots from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia please
  16. WOW, it's great, hope it will cover the whole world and I will be among the first to get it, by the way this is the third thread I ask for some shots (or a movie clip maybe) from the middle east area (especially Jeddah Saudi Arabia) please
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