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  1. I'd be partial to ORBX-quality renditions of Merrill Pass and Lake Clark Pass, maybe the Big Su up to Talkeetna as well. -stefan
  2. I own it for both. If I'm not doing VR, I use P3Dv4 exclusively. If I'm doing VR, I do AFS2 about 90% of the time (the remaining 10% is P3Dv4 in VR trying to tweak things to stop giving me a damn headache due to some very odd flicker I can't seem to get rid of.) The short answer is that it's astonishingly good in both sims. If you really want SkyForce, then get it for P3D. If you want what I consider better VR with it, get it for AFS2. I know budget is a real thing but there's really nothing preventing you from getting it for one now and then the other later - if you mostly do VR I'd say AFS2 now and P3D down the road when VR for it has improved more. But honestly the whole thing falls down hard on personal choice for you and you're not going to be disappointed with either option. -stefan
  3. That e-mail tricked me too! I luckily thought to check the 'Release Announcements' forum before I spent too much time trying to find the fabled KSAN v2 -stefan
  4. That is neat! What airports, if that's been mentioned? Is there a topic with this in there somewhere? I love flying in NZ and would be thrilled to have more airports so I'm fishing for information here -stefan
  5. I use Chrono Download Manager (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chrono-download-manager/mciiogijehkdemklbdcbfkefimifhecn?hl=en). It works fairly well, but there's probably better out there. I'm interested in what others bring up, honestly. -stefan
  6. I suspect his rationale isn't because the bittorrent protocol in itself is a particularly big security risk - the problem is that a huge amount of what people use torrents for is questionable content that often comes with malware or worse. It's never a bad security decision to block bittorrent ports on your firewall or whatever, but it's not inherently unsafe if the source of the torrent (ORBX in this case) is trusted. I'm not going to claim that bittorrent protocol is flawless, but then again neither is openssl. I personally do not think you need to be worried about security of using ORBX torrents. I'd be happy to do it myself if I didn't have shit internet. Source - I'm a professional linux sysadmin for a large university. I'm not saying you should listen to me over your son or anything of the sort, but I do think there may be a misunderstanding of the inherent risks of Bittorrent as a protocol when the torrent and tracker are hosted by a trusted party (read: ORBX.) -stefan
  7. So long as it's optional, and ideally opt-in (and throttleable), it's a great idea! Windows 10 unfortunately made it opt-out and the setting doesn't always work either, so my slow country internet is occasionally unusable as one of my desktops tries to serve files to the world. -stefan
  8. I don't think you're going to get even a hint of a release date from the devs. I'm pretty happy with EU England but I also bought it at release. It's come a long way since then. -stefan
  9. I really wish there was a high-quality Supercub for P3D I've been pestering A2A for years but they're busy with other stuff. -stefan
  10. I suspect there's both a datasource problem as well as a small market for the Caribbean. As for Hawaii, I know Hawaii has datasource problems, even Megascenery released it for free because they couldn't find satellite data that wasn't full of clouds. It's not ORBX but the FSDT airports for Hawaii are pretty decent, and as far as I know, since ORBX doesn't have anything there, I'm not advertising a competitor. -stefan
  11. The Carribbean in general is underserved with actual quality sceneries. FlyTampa has TNCM and Grenadines, but Grenadines doesn't work in P3Dv4 and I don't think they intend to port it. I would be first in line to buy ORBX TrueEarth Caribbean (or even a normal FTX region)! -stefan
  12. It should be noted that the "Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegation" should *never* be checked unless you like weird looking discolored trees that frequently hammer your FPS -stefan
  13. I'm going to hold out for lawnmowers that do real-time grass cutting at ORBX airports. -stefan
  14. Apologies - I haven't forgotten this. The weather has finally turned nice after an endless Midwestern winter, so I've been outside most of the time. I still intend to follow up on this. -stefan
  15. Ok. I will do some testing as soon as I have a chance and try to figure out what is going on here. As far as I can tell, this is the only airport that seems to be affected, which is good. -stefan
  16. Would that lead to a situation where all the off-runway area is fine, but being on the runway itself is sunken? Just clarifying that we're seeing the same issue. -stefan
  17. Do you have the HIGHMEMFIX in your fsx.cfg file? https://flyawaysimulation.com/news/4737/ That is often a solution for that particular problem. -stefan
  18. Minor update - I flew myself quickly to EHDL nearby and landed there and elevation was fine. Flew back to EHTL and Fell In A Terlet Again -stefan
  19. Yes, all 4 are there and appear active, they have the normal .bgl extension. Objects, Vegetation, and the ADE EHTL, EHTL_CVX. The 4 mentioned above are the only ones that show up on the entire sim drive. For giggles, I scanned C drive as well and came up with nothing. Search was for *ehtl*.bgl, and I don't have any filesystems here set to case sensitive. I loaded a flight at EHTL on "Active Runway" and ended up below the runway again, although looks a bit different. Here's some more info since it's entirely possible I'm omitting something that would explain this. Mesh resolution is 5m. First up, my "fudged" scenery.cfg as generated by MakeRwys.exe + Lorby Addon Manager is here: https://pastebin.com/z9hzJZqU Second, here's a current screenshot from spawning in, includes FSFlightControl because why not: Third, here was that video, which I'm linking on the small chance it helped and because my internet connection struggled so mightily for an hour to upload the 30 second video, I'd hate to ignore its sacrifice: Finally, other addons and other info that may be of relevance: P3D v4.2, upgraded Client and Content only from 4.1 ASP4, latest build FSUIPC 5.124 ASCA, latest build Envtex 1.1.4 I think PTA for P3Dv4, latest, with the month of May set of the popular 12 month set from AVSIM FSFlightControl, latest build Lorby-SI Where Are My Aircraft, I think I'm one build behind on this TrackIR EZCA SODE 1.6.2 Updater ran for the FSDT stuff and whatever junk it pulls in with it, Couatl etc GoFlight Interface Tool P3Dv4 Navigraph updater OZx something or other. Pilots FTX Compatible 2010 Mesh FSAerodata (I'm wondering if this is affecting anything, actually....) In this case, I'm using various paints on the A2A Cherokee 180, P3Dv4 version, latest Accusim 10/2017 or whatever update I do have MyTraffic 6 as well, but traffic is turned off. Could have come with AFCAD or something that would be affecting things but I'd be kind of shocked if there was a MT6 AFCAD for EHTL. So far this is the only airport I've noticed an issue at, but I haven't been nearly everywhere yet. I'll dig a bit into FSAerodata as well as some other stuff. Anyone else have any ideas or things to check? I appreciate the help so far! -stefan P.S. it's possible I'm omitting some addons, I have an absolute ton. I really don't think I have anything else for this area, though, but maybe I've forgotten something!
  20. Interesting. I have no idea what else it could be, I don't have any freeware at all aside from ORBX stuff and OZx, and the only other regional product in the area is GEN, sort of. I'll play with this some more this afternoon/evening and see what I can figure out. -stefan
  21. Ok, thanks. I'll see what I can do, and I asked if others who have applied Holger's fix for EHAM could test to see if maybe it has something to do with that. -stefan
  22. Hello, I did a flight today and landed at EHTL Terlet only to find myself landing below the runway. I've included some screenshots with coordinates as well as a link to a short video that demonstrates the issue. Only non-ORBX scenery addon in the area is FlyTampa EHAM which isn't particularly close at all, and I installed that following the steps in Holger's post in the compatibility forum. Otherwise I've run the AEC recently after installing EHAM. Addons I have that cover the Netherlands from ORBX are Netherlands, FTX Global, Vector, and OpenLC Europe. Scenery Library is set by ORBX, with all ORBX stuff below FlyTampa and other addon airports. As mentioned, the only one even close is FlyTampa EHAM which is like 40nm away. Screenshots: Image from right next to the runway, you pop back up out of the ground when leaving the runway Video Link will be edited in once the darn thing finishes in like an hour, since my internet speed is TERRIBLE. Or the morning, since I may just go to bed since it's late and I'm tired. -stefan
  23. I definitely recommend imgur.com for any image uploads. Very good image host, works from anywhere, and doesn't have annoying bandwidth limitations or other stuff, and a minimal amount of ads to deal with on their site. -stefan
  24. Aside from things like buildings, I'm not so sure they reused any terrain textures for Netherlands. The whole point was that they weren't doing that, I'm pretty sure. I could be wrong, of course, and there may be some minimal reuse I suppose. -stefan
  25. 1.) Not sure, haven't tried it. 2.) I have the PILOTS 2010 FTX Compatible mesh and it has no issues that I can tell with other ORBX products. I have not tried a newer version. 3.) Put your mesh, be it FreemeshX or the PILOTS one at a level in your scenery library below all of the other FTX regional stuff to ensure that the FTX mesh is used where available. -stefan
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