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  1. From my limited knowledge on this (and please people correct me if I'm wrong) my understanding is that the focus initially has been on the visuals and performance side of things first, getting that right in particular for use in situations like VR (where high frame rates are needed). I'd imagine for them to open things up to developers for AI or ATC purposes they'd need their own SDK or Simconnect type link. If their focus has been about getting the performance right first then I do believe that this makes it a very good starting platform to bring in add-ons moving forward. It sounds like there is no real tweaking needed. With frame rate overheads in the 100+ FPS then there is ample room for the weather, traffic, ATC add-ons to slot in and still offer great performance I'd guess. Another assumption is that if they have default aircraft working on a basic level (think default FSX) then there probably isn't any reason why others in the future couldn't add more complexity. If not PMDG levels then perhaps on the GA side with an A2A or similar? All just guesses on my part but the LOWI images have made me very interested in Aerofly so I'm currently absorbing as much of the info out there on it with a view to getting it set up in the next couple of months.
  2. This is hands down the best looking flight sim scenery I have ever seen previewed - I am definitely going to jump into Aerofly FS2 now as a result of seeing these. Looks like my long term plan is going to be a 3 sim one - P3D v4 for my long flying with all the bells and whistles, X Plane 11 so I can fly a good 757 in and out of Iceland (specific use case I know) and Aerofly FS2 for VFR flying in smaller regions. That said, Aerofly have a fantastic opportunity here - they have performance out of the box. Without knowing how the sim works, if they are able to developers on board with weather, AI traffic and complex aircraft and coupled with expanding global Orbx type scenery, there is a very real chance this could become a top sim. It doesn't necessarily sound like that is their plan at this point but I reckon that could change if people jump on board. VERY impressed
  3. This really is fantastic news, thank you John and Orbx. My current computer is on its last legs so I'm planning a new PC based on a potential P3D v4 release in 2017 where I can start afresh - my sim right now is a mess!
  4. Seems my purchase has cleared so download time! Looking forward to this. James
  5. FSS store does look great - having issues though with the download as it says the PayPal purchase IPN is invalid - order status stuck on pending. Never had this before so not sure if this is a one off issue or related to the new store? Have sent a support request on FSS - PayPal confirms the purchase. Anyone else having an issue? Looking forward to flying into these airports! James
  6. I was having some issues choosing which download server to use as most were just hanging when I tried to download. I managed to get CDN1 in the end but the download speed is pretty slow and I'm on a super-fast connection (at work). Says I have 6 hours left...
  7. Just an update from my side. I went back and installed the full installer for the latest Orbx libraries downloaded from the Full Terrain website and after doing this, launching FTX Central and selecting the appropriate regions (it didn't matter if it was global or NA), CRM now shows in the scenery library. So from my side, all seems to be solved. Raphael - I had no issues with the libraries and I cannot replicate your issues with CRM - mine was simply not inserted correctly into the scenery.cfg until I updated the libraries. Mods - please marked as "solved" when you get a chance! James
  8. Hi all, I checked again last night and it's definitely not been added to the Scenery Library. I will install the latest Orbx Libraries tonight but does anyone have any idea why it may not have installed correctly? If I need to reinstall, am I ok to just run the installer again and overwrite things? Many thanks James
  9. Hi Jack, I will check that again later but it had definitely opened the scenery.cfg and I have looked at that before. It's strange to say the least. The folders have all be installed in the right places, they're just not being added to the scenery.cfg and therefore not showing up in sim. Will check in sim in the scenery library too. Raphael it sounds like you are having a different set of issues to me - mine is simply an install that doesn't appear to have been updated in the scenery library. Any other thoughts/ideas? Thanks James
  10. Hi there, I have just downloaded and installed the latest version of NA CRM for P3D v3. I selected the region in FTX Central 2 as always at the install prompt, closed it down and finished the installer. However I cannot see CRM in the Scenery.cfg at all as per attached screenshot. All other regions are listed there. Has it been installed ok? It's in the Orbx, FTX_NA folders in the P3D install location, just doesn't seem to have been added to the scenery library. All the other regions I have installed are all listed correctly. I have switched regions a couple of times and there is no difference. I checked an old .cfg from an old P3D 2.x install I had saved and it was listed in there. Please advise. Many thanks James
  11. Funnily enough I have now just gone ahead and ordered the TrackHat Clip as a result of this posting - my TrackIR is due a patch up so it's time for something a bit more robust! I assume it works with the TrackIR sensor already?
  12. I have used TrackIR for a few years but the Pro Clip construction quality is appalling. Mine is duct taped up totally and needs continual maintenance. In terms of value for money vs product quality, it is one of the worst out there - i.e. it's expensive and breaks! I don't have a hat unfortunately so haven't tried the TrackHat but it appeals. In terms of how it works, TrackIR is pretty good. The quality issues are a big let down though.
  13. Thanks for that - if it's just a bug I'll ignore it although I'm not sure that FTX Central is working correctly in terms of switching regions - my scenery.cfg doesn't seem to have many changes to it when swapping regions. If anyone could advise on this that would be appreciated. Many thanks James
  14. Hi all, Quick question. I have installed only the P3D v3 compatible scenery into my P3D v3 installation - I only have v3 installed on my system, no FSX or any other version of P3D. On starting FTX Central to switch regions this weekend I was asked to select which sim I wanted to use - the options being P3D v1 and P3D v3. I don't have v1 installed so selected v3 but in changing regions I didn't see any changes in the scenery.cfg file (I went in after to activate some add on airport scenery). Any ideas why it's suddenly asking me to choose which version? Also, how can I check regions are being changed correctly? Not sure why this has suddenly started happening but keen to fix it. It wasn't happening prior to this weekend and I haven't installed anything else since installing PFJ last week - all was well then. Many thanks James
  15. Hi everyone, I'm a huge fan of Vector and I have been waiting for it to arrive for P3D v3 - now that is has arrived I would like to ask for some advice on making the most out of it without overloading my system and installation. Very honestly, right now with FTX Global and Open LC installed, P3D is super smooth but most importantly OOM free AND with plenty of VAS head room. For me in v2.x Vector was my major VAS consumer so I'm keen to see how I can get the most bang for my buck with the Vector settings in v3. Has anyone had some real success with what to keep included/not include? (main roads/secondary roads etc) Any other recommendations? Keen to get this right as things like the improved coastlines and waterways make such a difference. I know I can activate/deactivate Vector in the Scenery Library but wonder if this can be avoided with the right balanced settings. I did experiment a lot in 2.x but did struggle to find that balance to avoid OOMs, even with greatly reduced Vector detail. Any thoughts appreciated. James
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