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  1. Thanks John Dow for your reply, I check the FS9 models issue, but that problem is for My Traffic app. I finally get a very simple solution, I compile again the traffic in Global Traffic, and that make the trick. Thanks!
  2. Hello. I just installed KTVL Lake Tahoe Airport. If i try to load the scenery, with any % of airline traffic, for example 15%, the simulator crash while loading. If I set the airline traffic to 0%, no problem, the scenery load and I can fly without any issues. With general aviation traffic activated, there are no problems. I try with and without static aircraft, but in both ways, the simulator crash when airline traffic is active. I am using this addons in the area: - KTVL Lake Tahoe - True Earth North California - Global Traffic thanks.
  3. Hello. I just installed North and Center England from TrueEarth, and I notice that on some cities, like Manchester, Leeds, Blackpool, Lancaster, and many more, there are only buildings autogen, but no trees. Even on parks and golf courses there are no trees. If I fly arround the cities sourrounds, the autogen trees appears, and displayed normal. I Re-check the files of both sceneries, and everything is ok. Is this normal?. thanks!
  4. Thanks Sascha for your reply. I just install the North, Central and update South, but I still have autogen missing around some ORBX add on airports, like Compton Abbas, Chichester, etc. On the instructions, I read that I need "EU England" for those airports, but using TrueEarth scenery for England, there is no reason to use that add-on (or not?). Is that the problem?, or at this point, it is normal to still have autogen missing, or poor autogen density around some airports?. By the way, the South update works great for me, less loading times and better frames.
  5. Will the autogen problems, like missing autogen trees around some add on airports (Compton Abbas for example) will be fixed with the South update?. thanks
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