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  1. Now that looks a fun aircraft. There were lots of “Ginos” in NATO in the late 70’s - CAS fodder. I was on Buccs at Laarbruch and came across a couple of G91s at Macrihannish, the pilots were filling the ammunition bays with bottles of the finest Malt Whiskeys - the boxes fitted perfectly ! We, on the other hand, were on a fish and Haggis run, and you could get a lot of fish in our bomb-bay. Rgds Chris
  2. Hi Josh This is not a W10 network permissions issue as I see it; the Orbx Library folder is fully shared, including network and security permissions. Furthermore, the P3Dv4 library works across the network, as does the Orbx back-up folder which I have just used to create a separate P3Dv5 library on a new ssd on PC B. So it looks to me to be a specific Orbx Central/P3Dv5/network issue. However, as I have adopted a hardware solution with P3Dv5 running on just PC B and P3Dv4 on PC A, both with separate Libraries, this issue is, from my perspective, Resolved. Thanks for the help. Chris
  3. Hi Josh Regret not, the selected library is not completing selection. Image CJF PC B 3 shows how, using "create new library" I can now "see" the mapped Z Drive in the Central-generated search window. Image CJF PC B4 shows what then happens when I select the identified drive to create a library. The loading circle just goes on for hours, if i let it. Image CJF PC B5 shows what happens if I highlight the Z Drive first in W10 file explorer and then use "search for libraries! in Central - this only works if Z Drive is highlighted first in W10 file explorer. I also attach the latest central log file for Central on PC B. This is now becoming a matter of academic interest as I am installing a 1 TB SSD on PC B tomorrow to hold a new P3Dv5 Library, and not going to use P3Dv4 any further on that PC. I will, however, be interested to see if there is a solution to this problem. Rgds Chris CJF central log 29 Sep 20.log
  4. Hi Josh central.json didn't work. So, I used the Regedit fix and can now see the mapped Z Drive in the explorer window Central opens. Even better, Z:\Orbx Library comes up when "Scan for Libraries" is used. However, it now sticks at FoundLibrary1 with the SIZE circle just going round and round. There is full access to the Library from PC B, which I checked beforehand, so no apparent network issues. Turning both Bullguard and Windows firewalls off has no effect. Also, task manager shows no network activity on Orbx Central on PC B. Rgds Chris
  5. Thanks Josh They are correctly mapped, I've been using this method successfully for many years. I'm coming to the conclusion that this is a W10 group permissions or similar issue - deep joy. Will try the manual path set-up and let you know how I get on. Rgds Chris
  6. Hi Josh This problem is also stopping aivlasoft efb from updating its airport layouts. The file picker won't show the ZDrive nor let me manually specify Z:\d\Orbx Library So, where is the Orbx Central settings file pse, so I can modify it. Chris
  7. Hi Josh Here is the screenshot you asked for, CJF PC B I'm having problems uploading a second jpg so will att to a separate post. However, what it shows is that when I use Orbx Central to browse for a new library location it opens a File Explorer window which does not show PC B drive Z but the networked PC MAIN, which is PC A. And that gets me to the Orbx Library on PC A's D drive - and that works for P3Dv4 (which is on both PCs). So the problem is not the network id of the library - it is that Orbx Central on PC B will not allow me to create a p3dv5 folder in the Orbx library on PC A. I am not going any further with this as I am going to put a spare SSD on PC B and set up the P3Dv5 library on that. Thanks Chris
  8. Hi Josh I just tried substituting Z manually to see what, if anything, happened. I have already tried to re-create the library as you suggest but, To recap: 1. The Orbx library is on PC A (Main)in the d drive. 2. The path on PC B is through a mounted drive Z 3. The path shown in Orbx Central is \\Main\d\Orbx Library 4. It works perfectly with P3Dv4, which is installed on both PC A & PC B 5. P3Dv5 is only installed on PC B 6. When I try to create a p3dv5 library on PC A, from PC B by installing global Buildings HD from my my P3Dv5 Products I get: 7. Install Orbx libraries for this to work. 8. I click on install and get ERROR on a red banner. So if the library path works correctly using P3Dv4 the problem must lie in P3Dv5 not being on the same PC as the Orbx Library. Rgds Chris
  9. Hi Josh As I said above, the drive is mounted, as the Z drive on PC B. However, when you use Central to locate the Orbx Library on PC A it shows as \\Main\d\Orbx Library in the search window. Substituting Z manually for Main does not work. Furthermore, there is no problem accessing the P3Dv4 library from PC B as it is set up on PC A which also has P3Dv4 installed on it. So, the issue appears to be an inability of Central on PC B to create a P3Dv5 sub-folder in the Orbx Library on PC A which does not have P3Dv5 installed on it. Rgds Chris
  10. I have a multiple PC network, using fixed IP addresses and full sharing enabled down, where necessary, to individual folder level. My Orbx Library is on PC A, and has a P3D v4 folder for that sim on that PC. PC B also has P3D v4 on it, and downloads all the Orbx add-ons correctly from the networked Orbx Library which it accesses through a "mounted" drive. I have now installed P3D v5 Pro (HF2) on PC B. There are, obviously, separate copies of the latest version of Orbx Central on both PCs. When I select P3D v5, my products, and try to install one (Buildings HD) into the Orbx Library I get: Install Orbx Libraries. On pressing either Yes, or Not now I just get ERROR. So I can not install any P3d v5 scenery into the Orbx Library on PC A, which does not have P3D v5 on it. Rgds Chris Operating system: W10Pro Simulator: P3D v5 Screenshot: Issue: central.log
  11. For some inexplicable reason the problem has resolved itself on the PC with the Library. The problem was still there on the networked PC. So I ran Synch Sim on that PC and, voila, problem gone ! Rgds Chris
  12. Hi Nick The fix above did not work. I have long dispensed with FTX Central and ENAL was only installed a few days ago. There was only one version of ObjectFlow2 installed and activated as an add-on on both sims. I deinstalled ObjectFlow2 and deleted the back-up version. I then re-installed OBjectFlow2 3.0.4. The problem is still there - but only with ENAL, no problems with, for example ESSA. Rgds Chris
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