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  1. I did my latest Leg, Number 17, on the US Tour yesterday. It was from KLAX Los Angeles to KLAS Las Vegas. I didn't really expect that much...a bit of desert maybe. What I got was mouthwatering desert and trees and hills and mountains...Wow! Some of the best terrain I've flown across so far, just so brilliant. Even tho I can't put the vids up here cos the airports I flew from and to aren't ORBX (they are on my youtube site), the ORBX scenery certainly made it an enjoyable flight. My next flight is already mapped, KLAS Las Vegas to KSFO San Francisco. I have planned a route, a bit unconventional and will certainly expect to experience the wrath of the FAA after it! Once I get a bit further up north, it's all ORBX country, so quite a few of my vids will be up here, then. Frank
  2. Well, as simulator history changes, so to does my sim. I have three new 1tb Samsung SSD's on standby, waiting for my next maintenance cycle, when I change over from my 500GB SSD's, which are very nearly full. Of course, my ideal situation would be that P3D V4 would come out during that maintenance cycle and it would be ideal to go back in the sim, instead of a re-load of V3.4. But that will rely on the raft of necessary drivers and support for the cockpit environment, so maybe I am being a bit ambitious in my thinking. Maybe I will just put new copies of P3d V3.4 on and aim for a more reasonable date of say, Christmas. It would be so nice to be able to employ the host of add-ons that I run on my desktop PC, on the cockpit PC's,but that would require the 64 bit solution to operate efficiently. So, I will finish the remaining legs of my US (and Canada) tour and then get ready for some extensive changes and updates in the cockpit, coming soon!
  3. Thanx Iain. My latest leg on my US Tour, number 16, has me going from beautiful ORBX KSAN to KLAX. This time, I've captured the whole 45 minute flight and split it into two. I've trialled a new video method, using two gopro's in the cabin, and doing cutaways to a sideview. I'm always trying to change it up with the video's, giving fresh perspectives, so hope this one is good. Anyway, here is part 1. Part 2 will be uploading soon, but I'm afraid it has an airport from another manufacturer, so I won't put it up here. It will be on my youtube site, so you can view if from there, if you wish. Thanx Guys. Hope all the Mommy Aviatrix have a great Mother's Day. Bye, Frank
  4. Hey Guys, I'm taking a break in between legs of the US Tour and got into the sim at Auckland the other day and we went to Queenstown. I did have an issue, though. When we landed, scenery elevation, quite literally, let me down. I'll run the Vector AEC tool again, but for my flight, it was too late. Anyway, here's the vid. Started out with overcast rainy weather, but as we crossed the strait, weather cleared up and it was beautiful by the time we got to Queenstown... Frank
  5. Thanx Gents. I'm a bit cautious as to the video's I put up here, as I'm flying the USA at the moment and I've been purchasing a lot of (other manufacturers) airports, so not really able to put a lot of them up here. I'm only 15 legs in to the USA tour and when I get over to the west coast, I'll be showing off KSAN and some of the ORBX scenery on that coast line, as well as the North West and on into Canada and the rockies. Frank
  6. I'm sorry, the title was misleading, but factual. I currently am 15 legs into a 41 leg USA tour and I decided yesterday that I'd come back and do a flight from Brisbane to Sydney in my cockpit. I'm still working on my blends with the graphics, but from in the sim, it's not too bad. The sound is a little poor in this vid, cos I had it in the casing on a tripod that soaked up all the vibrations from the sound system. Future vids will be with no casing and the gopro mount on a gopro tripod. So, the flight was normal, but after all the add-on scenery for the states, my scenery for Sydney slipped down the list and didn't show properly when we landed. It's ok, tho, it's not ORBX scenery and YBBN is, so you get to see YBBN in some of it's glory. Hope you enjoy this guys. Frank
  7. Thanx Doug. I re-installed NZQN and it fixed the problem, but doesn't explain why the NZQN ICAO code isn't being recognized by FTX Global Vector. Thanx, Frank
  8. Hi Guys. I have all the ORBX Australian Region including NZ and all of it's ORBX airports. I'm also running FS Global Ultimate and the latest version of FTX Central 3. So, I'm having airport elevation issues with Queenstown and I go to the FTX Global Vector AEC section. I run it several times, but NZQN isn't in the list, either the enable or disable list and when I try to add it, I get the Message "you have to select at least one ICAO code to disable". Obviously it's not recognising Queenstowns' ICAO code. Any help with this, guys? Thanx, Frank
  9. Hi Andrew. So nice to see you here. I am running P3D v3.4, a fair chunk of Global products, North America the same and all of Oz from ORBX. I keep all of this updated via FTX Central 3 without any hitches. The thing to remember about Central is, make sure when you load new airports or areas, to run the AEC airport elevation correction tool. It will fix a lot of problems. I'm doing a US tour involving 40 plus legs and have a lot of American airports from various top name developers. There are still hitches with other airport and area sceneries, but the majority of the time, it's fine. If you wanna check out my latest vids, they are on youtube under my name Frank Cooper. Good move going to P3D, mate. regards, Frank
  10. There is a freeware one in the sim forums, but it's just a couple of bgl files and they do not work with P3D. We live in hope, surely there must be a few west ozzies with the time and skill, Frank
  11. Same here. I loaded NG to my PC's in the cockpit sim and no problems, crisp, clean textures. I also had 2010 before the upgrade and loading 9 disks was decidedly quicker than downloading 2010 5 times. Frank
  12. Surely you are not serious? Possibly the highest quality scenery on the market and you worry about a missing train? Frank
  13. Thanx to the Arrival of ORBX Lowi, Ozsim Aviation have now set up Low Cost Airfares to Rotterdam. Initial flight was faultless with 120 of Ozsim's staff and ground crew being ferried in style to Rotterdam on our newest state of the art Boeing 737-800NG. The Tin Lizzie was commissioned expressly for this route and will take up regular flights as of June 1. Stay glued to the media for our Advertisements on Low Cost fares....soon!
  14. I've bought the odd piece of scenery software and own a reasonable amount of ORBX software, but these two have really been special. The finish on both KSAN and LOWI is of a special order. This is not to say anything less of all the other great ORBX products. Congrats to both artists and thank you for further enriching my sim world. 2017 certainly is the best year yet for simming. I cannot wait to get both of these wonders in my cockpit and start doing departures and arrivals from both of these airports! Frank
  15. First flight out of KSAN, night time buzz around the city surroundings. love the lighting now, Frank
  16. Yeah, I don't think that really counts. I'm no genius, but when all of that stuff is already loaded in the program, by simply deselecting it, I'd reckon it has to have some effect on the overall sim. Anyway, it's a moot point, as nobody is about to reverse the code, just to prove the point. So, I'll just watch and wait like everyone else and see what the future holds for this now, king of the heap Frame Buster. Frank
  17. You know, I kinda think it's hard, not to be impressed with what you see. It's all so smooth and beautiful in the cockpit and at 120 frames a second...mind boggling. It's just not realistic tho, is it? It leaves me thinking wouldn't FSX or P3D (which are the 32 bit applications, rather than X-Plane which is 64 bit) run at those frames without the incredible other add-ons like scenery, atc, weather, seasons, and traffic. Don't get me wrong, I'm right behind this stuff, bought it a while back, but just failed to see the potential for myself at the moment while it's so bare. I really hope I'm wrong, that they sustain high FPS and low VAS with the installation of all the additional stuff that we need, but at the moment the jury is certainly out for me... Frank
  18. It's happening world-wide. I remember taking my wife to Vietnam a few years ago. We were staying in Hoi An and hired a driver for the day in a beautiful luxury 4x to head up to Hue and the Ancient Temple. On the way there, we travelled via highway 1a and passed so much beautiful scenery including China Beach, where the famous TV series was shot. We spent the whole day looking through Hue and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have some beautiful photo's video's and memories of those days. On the way home, we had learned enough English/Vietnamese to agree with the driver to take an alternate route, through the mountain. It was a tunnel, of which we were familiar in Brisbane over the past few years. The thing was so professionally made, so well surfaced and maintained, it blew me away. There were paddy fields 5 km's up the road that hadn't seen change since the dark ages. In the end we saved twenty minutes off our journey and I enjoyed it, but I sure would have felt cheated having gone there both ways in the tunnel. Sometimes the scenic route is better, but for safety sake, we will see practicality win out a fair majority of the time, Frank
  19. I'm predominantly an Oz man, so don't get to many other countries, but I started branching out after I bought Global, so I have a goodly portion of OS Airports and regions,now. LOWI is an interesting place with some very interesting approaches. Having said that, I probably would not have put this ahead of some of the other regions and airports I have promised myself to buy....... Then Jarrad bought out the first lot of pics....Wow, they looked great, but now...ditto to all the great remarks. This will be my next purchase and I'll be looking forward to do some touch and go's like Nikki Lauda, too (how's the guy, flying his own 767..., too much). Thanx Jarrad for the countless hours of dedication and ORBX for cultivating this amazing talent pool. Frank
  20. Yeah, you are right. I have spent a small fortune on the rest of the world, so I'm gonna get there after these Ozzie flights. I'm thinking that America, North and South might be next. And I have my next leg coming up, Alice Springs to Cairns, so I may video that, too. Frank
  21. Can't quite get my head around some of the comments here. Oz is the staple of my sim world and as such I fly it every day and night. I haven't seen any of the anomalies that macca has. All of the major Cities have adequate airport scenery available, and it all works well with ORBX. The exception is Adelaide and Perth, but there is a payware Adelaide out there that works in P3D V3.4, even tho it has issues and a basic version of YPPH at Ozx. I'm not saying the continent is perfect, but I'm content to fly what we have and see what the future brings. If you wanna take a look at the thread I have going currently, I posted a two minute video of an arrival into R12 at Alice Springs that I flew today....can't see it getting much better than that. Frank
  22. So, I'm up to leg 8 today, flying from Darwin YPDN to ORBX's Alice Springs YBAS. Wasn't really prepared for the level of amazing detail in Alice until I dropped to about ten thousand and got a bit closer. It's amazing, I was gob-smacked. I honestly thought that the Queenstown airport and general New Zealand scenery was the best I've ever seen, but wow, that red desert has been done proud by these guys. I took a quick two minute vid today, as I really wasn't videoing, just concentrating on flying today, but I was just so amazed... As usual, shot in high def, so if you can watch it in 1920 x 1080 Frank
  23. Thanx Boys. Nice to see the VIP drop in, haha. Hope all is well with you, and that lovely daughter, Iain. You continue to be invaluable to John's team. Keep up the great work, mate. I'm just happy to have been able to fulfil the dream, flying the virtual skies is so amazing. When I do have friends over, the reactions are priceless. I'm continuing my journey around Oz, so I may just throw up a few more legs here and there. The die-hards who have subscripted to my youtube channel (101 of them) are all watching intently. ORBX still is the best forum out here, so keep the faith, people. Off to Broome, now..... Frank
  24. So, I am always in here, but not saying much nowadays. I just thought I'd drop by to say hi to all the old boys and gals who've been hanging around these haunts for a long time. My sim has been flying for some time now, however, with anything as complicated as a sim, there is always heaps of down time and hardware and software updates and problems. I changed motorised throttles last year and then spent months and months chasing functionality. Well, thankfully, I found it and I've now embarked on my circumnavigation around Australia and New Zealand. My sim world consists of every piece of ORBX software in Australia, New Zealand, Global, Vector, etc., etc . So, I started off in Brisbane, off to Sydney, then Tamworth, Launceston, Adelaide and Kalgoorlie. Today's flight was Kalgoorlie to Perth. I still have lots to go on the sim, but I restrict software upgrades to bi-monthly and hardware maintenance to fortnightly. That way I get to fly and still maintain the sim. Anyway, here's the latest flight, or the last 17 minutes of it. And before you go nit-picking, I wasn't exactly following CASA rules, slapping those flaps down and doing Checklists in my head, but I'll make sure I stick to the script next time I do a video for mainstream. Frank
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