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  1. Prepare3D has detected non-sequential layer ordering within the Scenery Library list. This is for P3Dv5 and Patchv2 What I have found after hunting for days the problem program is from Orbx. TERRAFLORA V2 Just uninstall it. Hope it helps someone instead of hunting for days.
  2. Well done looks so real. Where did you get the Shuttle?
  3. I did another test and the artifacts are showing on my system just like yours. Still no sinking in the snow. I took another look at your pictures and I noticed that the snow around terminal is not white it looks like a dark shadow?
  4. Another thought I am using P3D were you using Xplane?
  5. I did what you ask but even in the winter I had no problem. I would try downloading it again I tried 3 times. Their download was slow like a turtle. I have 120Mb and I was getting 340Kb. So delete it and download again. Here are some pictures.
  6. Nice images Jack. I did not have the problem with the snow because I set it to summer. Much nicer instead of all that snow. Cheers
  7. Great shots looks like you are back in your old hunting grounds? On the sideline did you get excepted in the 2020 beta?
  8. Great work in showing Santa Barbara area. Brings back memories when I visited in 1996.
  9. Great looking pictures. I like them better than the ones you post in XPlane. Sharp, clear, detail and true colors.
  10. A short trip from Port Moresby in New Guinea to Kakoda. Flight goes over a mountain range 13,000 feet so you have to climb to 13000 feet and then loose your altitude in a hurry only 10 miles to the airport and land. Leaving Port Moresby Looking back at the airport. At 7000 feet Passing 10,000 feet and the mountain on the left is higher. On the way down no power and I will put on the speed brakes. Speed brakes on and I see the dirt runway. On the ground and brakes deployed. Well I see smoke lets check it out. Well let's have lunch and fly back to Port Moresby. Hope you enjoyed the flight.
  11. Here is an example if the weather changes on a short 60nm flight. A real challenge for any one with (IFR) Instrument Flight Rules rating for sure. Done on Oct 16, 2019 P3D v4.5 HiFi weather for P3D. Enjoy. Leaving Anchorage weather looks good just a few clouds. The clouds are getting to be more noticeable just a few miles out on the way the Hope (SHO) A little mist could be snow on final at Hope. On take off from Hope to Girdwood (AQY) weather is changing it looks like keeping low is the answer for this short flight. It looks like the weather is clearing? Well the weather changed again low clouds at 200 feet. The airport at Girdwood is just ahead if I can find it? Well I found it but the clouds are still low. Well I landed and it started to snow visibility is low. Well it is just light snow so let's go for Whittier (PAWR) Not to sure about those clouds looks like it will be overcast so I better climb to get above them. I am at 6500 feet above the clouds. Just over Whittier I will pass the airport for about 10 NM make a 180 degree turn and slowdown and descent to 1500 feet. We are now in the clouds and hope it will clear at 1500 feet? Well I was wrong the clouds broke at 500 feet heading towards the airport. I am at the right place the boat is my marker for the airport. Landed in snow again. Well as you can see the changing weather is what causes the most light plane accidents in Alaska. So remember it is not the altitude above you that saves you it is the altitude below low you that can save you from trouble.
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