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  1. Just finished the and flew over Berllin - this is totally mind blowing, awesome, have no words for it. With absolutely great performance. Congrats to all the people who were involved. Absolutely .... .... ... )
  2. VFR patterns at www.airports.de and for IFR charts I recommend the free registration at https://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/eadcms/eadsite/index.php.html Then you have free access to all IFR charts (latest airac)
  3. ... And 178 unlisted airstrips added that do not exist in the flightsim... OMG...
  4. A few days ago I bought NCA. Didn't notice any bad frames. Why should cranes be frame killers? Aren't these objects as any others as well?
  5. Hehe, should really try the greece restaurant there !
  6. Great shot and great place to fky only 30mins by car from my hometown:-)
  7. And I live right in the south west of it ) Thanks for the shots. Great!
  8. Great work! As I am on my way to exlore the NA world your kmz is really helpful.
  9. Yes, F-18 by VRS Simulation. You can compare the quality and system depth with A2A I would say. So quite realistic!
  10. Great idea and great shots! Thanks also for the information what airfields thos are.
  11. Still need a canadian livery, however my wingman came close to me :-)
  12. Really weird... Why does it crash? Because of the flightplan?
  13. Huh? I use it together with the airbus x by Aerosoft.
  14. I use Aivlasofts EFB to create my flightplans, then import them into ProATC, works perfectly. I do not use the p3d flight planner.
  15. Hi John, I'm also new to Pro ATC, using P3D latest version. I don't have any problems with the software and the flightplans. How do you create a flightplan and how do you insert it into Pro ATC? Could you post an an example flightplan that does mot work for you here? I could try it in my sim and Pro ATC. (There are numerous ways to create a flightplan and a few ways to insert it into Pro ATC). I'm sure we'll get your ATC to work fine! )
  16. Hi there, without knowing where you are, that looks allright for me on the first look. If anybody knows it better, please correct me ;-)
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