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  1. Stunning shot Mark! And awesome PTA settings :-)
  2. Great shots, Very impressive! Thank you.
  3. Fantastic shot, the pure power in one picture, I LOVE it :-D
  4. Looks like a promo to an airshow ) Great shots! Which plane is that?
  5. No probs here as well, easy and fast switch to new system!
  6. hi there, hI hope you can help me... I´m looking for a GA airplane that uses a stick (or sidestick but definitely no yoke!) with a VOR/DME gauge/indicator I´m not sure whether the ORXB GA airplanes have a DME. GPS only is no alternative ;-) Last but not least, it should natively in P3Dv3..... Maybe you could give me a hint on the ORBX airplanes as well (are there DME indicators?P3D v3?) thanks in advance! Daniel
  7. I feel the need....the need speed!! Yeeeha [emoji2] Great set!
  8. Awesome shot... and of course the coolest smoking plane ever )
  9. Stunning and detailed shots!! Thanks :-)
  10. Well..... don´t really know what to say "cleared for takeoff" into a beautiful sky. For me this is the most impressive combo: P3d, ASN, PTA, and of course FTX GEN!
  11. Thanks a lot for your comments, I am really addiceted to GEN :-D
  12. a duo right in the heart of GEN. ASN real weather, PTA. First picture in misty conditions at about FL60, just awesome :-)
  13. Impressive shot with great contrast especially in the 3rd screenshot )
  14. hey! thanks for watching and the nice comlpments :-)
  15. Again with real weather and my favourite plane at the moment, I totally recommend it to everyone outside, the scenery as well ;-)
  16. First time I flew to Hamburg with a final landing at Luenburg (EDHG) with real weather by AS2016 and ASCA, PTA also in use. Please enjoy :-)
  17. Hi Sascha, hi Matze, eine Überarbeitung der Darstellung der Landereiter auf voller Pistenlänge empfinde ich auch als sinnvoll, zeichnet ein realeres Bild unterstreiche diesen Verbesserungsvorschlag ) Ansonsten ist GEN einfach nur genial!
  18. These pictures are around the mountains "Harz" with the hightes mountain "Brocken".... abolutely stunnng work. I love it! Thanks again to all developers and ORBX - a dream comes true :-)
  19. here they are, in time ;-) http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/121321-screenshots-requested-by-fsxfreak99/
  20. hi there , in another post fsxfreak99 requested some FTXGEN screenshots around EDVP airport, here they are, only in the traffic pattern, hope it´s ok, don´t have too much time right now :-(
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