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Community Answers

  1. Hi Anna, do you know when Jandakot will be made for MSF2020 ? Ron
  2. Hi Nick, thanks for your help, receipt came through this arvo, this can be closed now
  3. Hmmmmm, there is nothing in my spam folder so must be the ISP will give them a ring today, never had this problem before. thanks Nick
  4. Hi Nick, thanks for the feedback but still no email receipt, does it take a while to get through ?
  5. Purchased last night and still no receipt, have you stopped sending receipts ?
  6. don't use a credit card, go to your bank and get a debit card and put the money on the card that you want to spend and leave a little money on the card to keep it open, then for your next purchase put more money on the card and purchase from Orbx, that's what i do, no need for PayPal, although I do prefer to pay with PayPal when ever I can.
  7. i purchased one item yesterday and it also worked for me, have not tried more than one item
  8. i am only trying to purchase one item and the paypal option does not work for me, still got the AP with visa card purchase, would prefer papypal option
  9. i did get Perth AP for MSFS and it looks good, I would like to see it done by Jarred for P3D and MSFS
  10. I know Timmo did not ask that but I thought others might be interested I also would prefer Orbx scenery but we have been waiting so long for Perth, if Perth comes out for Orbx with p3D I have my CC ready.
  11. perth is due for release on 14 May for msfs
  12. Hi Dave, my mistake, thought it was upgrade.
  13. thanks guys, normally an upgrade requires the original to be in place, doing what you have suggested now.
  14. Hi Guys, Just purchased YBBN upgrade for V5 and I am shown this page, do I need to uninstall my original YBBN ? if yes how do I do that Ron
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