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  1. TomCat Cruise over PAKT - took this while messing around with my new indulgence - Samsung G9 Neo - short for a near divorce but it's all I spend money on and here look what this guy bought a full cockpit sim conversation - but when I pointed out cost of her hair cuts/colors, eyelashes and occasional facials - there was no more argument. I know - .... especially on weekends...
  2. Have to say I did not see any issues with the mesh - lots of virtual improvements though. Never flew over the HAARP but will next flight.
  3. I'll let you know if anyone else does not - made a choice to purchase a non-Orbx scenery alaska based on reviews and content given inside i.e. custom gates as opposed to MSFS defaults - it will be interesting to see how that works.... I flew y/d with mesh only and did not see any issues with other areas - but it was raining with 20K+ cloud coverage...live weather. We will see.
  4. As Brad said - here take my money - please next create some airports and scenery for both Alaska and Pacific North West... too much attention on European areas for my flight tastes.
  5. Thanks Holger...much appreciate the time you spent in your response...consider me educated.
  6. nope - just looking for what the original msfs looks like under certain conditions./
  7. Could someone do me a favor please? Can you set Feb 27th as date and 9:00pm as time on your flight with clear weather, and take a few screenshots of Vancouver B.C. for me? I noted some darkness, where I believed there to be buildings lit up and I am not sure why, also a stream of what literally looked like white Antiaircraft fire/tracers emitting from one building that only had 4 windows lit. Really trying to figure this out...this was on 5k setting, but even defaulting, buildings were darker....going g to look again today/compare to NYC and Chicago which were spectacular.
  8. Hey - appreciate the input for sure. No other peripherals attached - all previous binds were cleared etc. Guess what - plugged in a New X56 - - it works and is out of the box perfect at least for a cessna flight.
  9. Thanks for the input - I tried many sensitivity settings but am also opting out for new HOTAS system. --- FOr Sale Logitech T6000 with Pedals...cheap!
  10. So after a day of messing around trying to find out why this is extremely unflyable, as in all axis are crazy unstable I figured I would reach out to see if other had this problem. I have run nearly every sensitivity setting across X, Y and Z to no avail - some forums indicate for some there is no problem and many others are experiencing the same as myself. Just curious as to the perceptions of others here?
  11. Resolved - Unfortunately through uninstallation
  12. This has been resolved. All peripherals unloaded, and cleared all joystick/Throttle assignments and remapped. New problem though is input lag - virtually unflyable despite changing sensitivities. If someone is flying using Thrustmaster Hotas with smooth settings - I'd love your feedback.
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