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  1. Just installed the files manually and it works fine! Thx for this wonderful repaint!! Surely will be the main actor in my next Flightsim video
  2. :'( That is very sad to hear, i just wanted to take off with that wonderful repaint, and i only own a 64bit Vista. I would be very pleased to have that "manual extraction file"
  3. Nice shots, I can nearly feel the upcoming rain in the clouds . Pics 4-7 look so amazing real. Candidates for a desktop wallpaper!
  4. Thanks for the feedback, guys, I´ll let you know when a new vid is out. :D .. if thats possible, i would be very proud!
  5. Hello everyone! Here´s a little film presenting Port Macquarie and the surrounding areas as well as the Carenado Piper Chreokee with VH-FTX registration Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDIZpn8FFs4
  6. Yeah, its a bit brighter than the original one with a little less "redlight" on the radiostack. And the best: as I can see on this picture the improved lighting seems to keep this "rusty, used feeling" of the instruments, so that you can nearly smell the old plastic and fabrics of the seats ... i`m a dreamer, i know, but i can´t wait to see that lighting on my own PC. Very good work so far!!!
  7. Thats the point, they are not there anymore, klicking on the links says: the file is not available or something, maybe one of ten links is still active, but most of them are corrupt. :'(
  8. WOW! Fantastic shot. Where was that photo taken?
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Yes, they are , but I think especially the second Pic is not easy to identify as a simulation pic. Yes some paints do, but as you can see on my pics, the SunrayAviation paint does not. But I dont have that paint anymore, because of reinstalling FSX. :'( Does anyone know where to contact AZTEC to get this paint again?
  10. Yes, VH liveries would be great, I´m always flying around in the US, because Carenado only made US liveries.
  11. Thanks. That plane is the Carenado Cessna 206 for FSX, i found the repaint, and many other excellent ones here, but unfortunately, the repaints seem to be gone, the hyperlinks to the downloads are no more :'( . I got this paint some months ago, and time after time more and more files vanished. So, if anyone knows where these paintartists are publishing their stuff, let me know please!
  12. Hello folks, after reading in the forums for quite some time, i think its time for my first screenshots, so here they are : In the middle of nowhere: Heading into bad weather Turning into downwind Rwy 29 Darwin Airport Final approach RW29 Parked at Redcliffe Flying over Wellis Island
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