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  1. Hi Steve, thank you for mentioning the "scenery_packs.ini" file. Some time ago, I , "DISABLED" the KSEA demo scenery. It was solely my fault. Thank you again.
  2. Same issue here; no airport buildings at all at KSEA !
  3. Thank you Iain. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.
  4. Hi Rolf, I switched from 2560x1600 to 4096x2160 (31", 4K) and noticed only a minor drop of fps. The visual impression of i.e. ORBX scenery (sliders to the right) is of course much better (crisp), then before. Even my 780ti graphics card with only 3 Gig memory managed the high resolution without problems. Go and get it !
  5. Hi James, I upgraded from a 780Ti to a 980Ti, approx. two month ago. Referring to p3Dv2.5; yes; there was a certain performance gain, but honestly, it was not really much. I would say, if the money for a 980Ti is no issue, then do it, but if the money IS an issue, then don’t do it.
  6. Additionally you need to know, that My Traffic is a product with ongoing development.
  7. Already too late, but nevertheless, Happy Birthday from Austria, Holger.
  8. Hi, I am convinced, you will be happy. I am running a similar configuration, i.e. 4790K + GTX780Ti, and I am absolutely happy. Greetings from Austria.
  9. Hi, it's not a big issue; I simply just noticed it. At Military Airport "LIRS" (Grosseto) in Italy, AI aircrafts are sitting on the lawn. Just to let you know.
  10. Hi, I have just detected, that the city Sibenik in Croatia is not there. Coordinates: N 43° 43.65', E 15° 54.08' Just an information.
  11. Hi, I got approx 1,7 GB new textures and there are definitely new ones among it.
  12. Hi, another "would be nice", are the "white mountains" (white marble quarries), app. 4 km, NE of Carrara, Tuscany, Italy. Coordinates are app. N44°6.20‘ , E10° 8.79‘ There is an area of app. 4x4 km, with white marble mining. The „white looking mountains“ are famous for that location. Bruno
  13. Open LC Europe is exactly that, I was ever waiting for. Bruno
  14. Hi, NCA is another masterpiece of scenery design. I remember, the first time, I explored that area was with FS2004, the next time with FSX and now the third time with P3Dv2.1 and ORBX NCA scenery. It is simply fantastic. I can't stop looking down from the aircraft.
  15. Happy Birthday from Austria. Bruno
  16. Hi Iain, merry Christmas from Austria and of course to all others too, here. Bruno
  17. Hi, I am already on P3D V1.4 and it is no question to switch to V2.0. Bruno
  18. Hi John, will we, with FTX Global, be forced to stick with P3D 1.4, or will it work in P3D 2.0 too, or will you offer an upgrade, or whatever ? Bruno
  19. Hi, it will Fritz not help much, what I have to say. I started P3D and used "Goto Airport" to CYVK and P3D crashes at 44% of loading process (see NRM SBSL-P3D crashes when loading scenery). Maybe this will help in any respect.
  20. Hi Iain, thank you; merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family too. Christmas greetings to everybody in this forum, from Austria.
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