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  1. I have the KML files when I purchased Orbx in the past. 5 areas that spanned the greater central and west coast of USA for FSX. are there any updated ones for X-Plane?
  2. Greetings, I’m going to start some VFR exploring. Does anyone know what the best altitude for Orbx scenery viewing would be? Thanks
  3. Ok, thanks for the info. I'm trying to get my FSX purchases restored to see if I can get my new rig up and running with that sim as well. I really miss my ORBX stuff.
  4. Yea, that's exactly what it was. So any time between 8AM and 12:30PM looks like muddy goop. Between this and the screen flickering, its just "...meh...". X-Plane. I swear.
  5. Greetings, I purchased TE WA and noticed that trees that are off in the distance look like mud. I don't have screen shot yet, but I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue. I've tried with three different monitors and a projector and it still looks the same. I'm getting really bummed seeing all these screen shots with awesome looking scenery that everyone else has. I appreciate any feedback and what to check. I'm a new X-Plane user so I'm very green when it comes to this sim. (No pun intended) Thanks, -Matt i7-9700k (default clock speed), ASUS Maximus XI Hero MB, 32gb RAM, Samsung M2-2880 512gb SSD (non system), GeForce GTX 1070 8gb.
  6. Yes, I understand about the thread age. However it does bubble to the top of the list once it's touched, so that was my exception. After reading my response it would have been ideal to wait before posting. Posting angry is like going to the grocery store hungry. Either situation turns out bad. My concern with Acceleration is the fact that it has to be activated. This late in the game with FSX it's a valid concern. If you get a used - or even new for that matter - AP then there's a chance you can't get it activated and MS doesn't support FSX anymore. (At least that's what I've found doing my own research into the AP purchase and issues) I suspect it's really a roll of the dice at this point. I appreciate you taking the time to respond and taking time to get the Amazon and ebay URL's for me. It would be prudent for ORBX as a business to determine if this can be fixed for SP2 or not, then let potential customers know that. Again, thanks for the input. -Matt
  7. So I guess if I'm an owner (and just to make sure we understand each other, that means "ORBX paying customer") I'm SOL when it comes to dishing out money for KBVS. So what is ORBX's official policy here for people that have purchased KBVS and have this problem? I've payed a hell of a lot of money to ORBX with all their scenery add-on's + airports and I'm really disappointed that I haven't even been responded to for this issue. Is there or is there not a fix for this? Are ORBX developers going to address this for users of SP2 or not?
  8. So it's been 5 years since this issue came up. I for one have SP2 and a lot of ORBX scenery. Is this going to be addressed for SP2 users? I have the problem now and Acc Pack can be difficult to come by. I'd like to know if anyone has the VASI working using KBVS and SP2. Thanks, -Matt
  9. Greetings, I was about to give up the FSX scene since it had become so difficult to use, and seemed to be so buggy and a general PIA. I took a chance and purchased the PNW scenery from Orbx. It really added a much needed dimension to the simulator. Since then I've purchased what's availabe for North America as well as KFSS and KBVS. I went as far as upgrading my PC and video card. The way I see it you folks are helping to simulate the global economy. You have done great work and I really apprecate it. I look forward to new products in the future. Thanks so much, -Matt
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