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  1. I would definitely say Pago Pago as well. Be sure to pick up the AI ship traffic package by Henrik Nielsen. It really adds to the realism seeing all of the ships.
  2. Since almost everyone is asking for shots of Florida, I will request something different and ask for some shots of the tidal marshlands of SE Georgia. In particular the area immediately west of Jekyll Island, GA (09J). Edit: Just read the last paragraph of your initial post. Sorry, but if I had to choose one request, I'd like to see the Chicagoland area from above as in my first request.
  3. A mid-altitude shot of KORD or, preferably, KPWK looking east. Need to make make sure the Des Plaines River and the forests surrounding it are included. Thanks, Rob
  4. I personally can't wait to see what the Georgia coast looks like. Lots of coastal marshland. Hopefully they do it justice. Also looking forward to the caribbean appearing tropical for once.
  5. I don't know if this has been noted yet by the developers, but I'll just add that I am having the same problem. Regards, Rob
  6. Exactly. Hawaii, and Turkey are way too large of areas for an "experience" package. Personally, I prefer the island experiences though as there is no "default" land bordering them(usually). The Florida Keys are cool, but without Open LC NA, I fear that the keys wouldn't blend in well with the currently depicted Florida. Florida in FSX looks like The American Midwest in my opinion. Will buy whatever though. Regards, Robert
  7. Would love to see the island nation of Palau modeled. The nation is a collection of tropical islands that are close to each other unlike some other island nations. Palau was the site of several major battles in World War 2. It's beauty is unrivaled in my opinion and has never been done in FSX(that I know of). The below picture is of some of Palau's famed rock islands. Palau has a bunch of these small islands in addition to larger more mountainous main islands. Many of the islands are uninhabited also, so the whole nation wouldn't have to be photoreal. It also has a main airport and several smaller airfields/strips, many of which used to be military airfields during World War 2! It's only a short hop from Palau to the Philippines, Guam, and Papua. You really do have to look it up though on Google Earth though to see how amazing Palau really is. The number of islands is just unreal.
  8. I was just wondering if anybody has taxiways at Hulett in the Devil's Tower scenery? I see taxiways as part of the photoreal scenery but they only look good from the air. However, the ramp is pretty detailed. Is this how it's supposed to be?
  9. Here's a picture for reference. Basically, the entire thing is missing in VECTOR. Would be great to see this again, especially since it was in original FSX.
  10. I was just wondering why the forests & parks hugging the Des Plaines River in Chicago aren't in Vector? If I remember right, they were all in default FSX. These really are extremely prominent VFR landmarks/navigation aids when flying in the Chicago area. Most of all, they stretch a long ways from the south side of the city almost up to the Wisconsin border.
  11. It would appear as if you have a conflicting landless scenery installed as in FTX NOR Narvik looks totally different.
  12. I was just curious as to how it works with FTX regions and airports. I wasn't sure if you guys change any of this stuff in your regions or airport addons. If you do, I see no point in installing this as I only fly within FTX regions. Thanks, Rob
  13. I would also like to know how this works with all of the FTX custom airports and enhanced airports. If anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards, Rob
  14. That's correct! Just graduated ATC & Commercial. Hoping to get picked up in March! Was Gary Bartelson there in '81? Cheers, Rob
  15. Isn't UTX essentially the same as vector??? In that it fixes coastlines, roads, lakes, rivers, etc? If you already own vector, I wouldn't get UTX. Think you're thinking of Ground Environment X. Rob
  16. Hey Gents, Was flying around Dubrovnik, Croatia today and spotted this little guy out in the ocean. Coordinates are in the picture. Other than this random lightpole sitting in the Adriatic, OpenLC EU 1.1 is fantastic! Cheers, Rob
  17. Just wait until they come out with SP1. I'm sure that they'll fix everything related to the airports. Lord knows we've given them enough grief about the localizers, approach lights, etc. already. They've always pulled through for us. In the meantime, I'd recommend the freeware Airports of Norway from Andrew Thomsen. It is a wonderful package. Cheers, Rob
  18. Haven't found any other Wideroe repaints for the Q400. Also, Majestic is currently in development of the Q300.
  19. Before I got my licenses in real life, I actually learned by doing just the flight lessons available right in flight sim. I then bought some flight manuals for a Boeing 767 off of ebay and read those. It's amazing how quick you learn other aircraft if you really take the time to properly learn one of them. I'd say right now, the best way to learn is through AOA. These guys make some stellar videos and tutorials all the way from just starting out all the way up through the Boeing 777. Unfortunately, this company wasn't around when I was learning. Their website is www.flyaoamedia.com Cheers, Rob
  20. Forgot to mention though.... It appears as though Aerosoft will be releasing their CRJ in the not-so-distant future. The CRJ-700 & 900 are fantastically "simple" jets to learn and fly and are often one of the first jets "real pilots" learn to fly. Regards, Rob
  21. I have to say that the PMDG NGX is personally one of the easiest jets I've ever flown in FSX when it comes to handling. Generally, the larger the jet, the easier they are to land. (at least in my opinion.). I currently fly a Cessna Citation and King Air in real life, and while fun, they are a lot twitchier than a large jet is, especially on landing. Anyways, the 737 NGX from PMDG is top notch. You can configure everything right from the FMS. So basically, if you want to start with the engines running and ready to takeoff, you can do that with the touch of a button. The systems and procedures are also really straightforward w/ really good tutorials included. Best Regards, Rob
  22. Hey All, I was just doing the Localizer approach to RWY 19 at ENSN today and noticed that the localizer wasn't aligned with the runway. In real life it is aligned with the runway on a heading of 187. I was just wondering if localizers, offset localizers, ILSs, and other navigation aids were updated in the current version of FTX NOR or if that will come in a future SP? Best Regards, Rob
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