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  1. If Catalina Island ever makes it’s way to MSFS, I have but one request. Please make Avalon harbor and pier accessible to flying boats/seaplanes. I want to fly this route with the excellent Grumman Goose available for MSFS. Regards, Rob
  2. I too would love to see KPIA! I grew up there. The airport has/had a great variety. Military ops, cargo ops, passenger ops. It has everything. The city also needs some love. Add in a few iconic downtown buildings and it would be amazing. Peoria is a quintessential all-American city.
  3. I'm loving what you all have brought to MSFS so far. Having a blast. Keep bringing us some airports with runways long enough for the new Working Title CJ4 mod. That thing is awesome! I'm having a blast flying between KSBA, KBCE, KBUR, etc. These smaller airports are great fun in a private jet. Would love to see KPSP make it's way over soon. That is one of my favorite Orbx titles! Or your Meigs Field. That would go wonderfully with the new DD Chicago city scenery available on ORBXDirect. Cheers, Rob
  4. Excellent to hear Jarrad! Would it also be possible to have a look at the watermasking? The default scenery has very light blue glacial water running through the river. That cuts off abruptly in the Orbx scenery. I was also having some river elevation issues pop in/out near downtown Innsbruck. Otherwise, absolutely fantastic work, as always! Cheers, Rob
  5. I can live with the lower textures (since I don’t plan on parking next to them), but the main thing I am hoping for is more realistic night textures. Basically, I’m just hoping they will become a little bit less bright. Thanks for listening to us. Cheers
  6. Well, in that case, there really wouldn’t be any need for Orbx products at all. Orbx exists to make our simulation environment more realistic. When developers mention the extraordinary new features a new sim will bring, I expect said products to be at least at or above the quality of the older sim, not sub-par. Again, I am very happy to purchase Orbx addons for this new sim. But... I do expect a quality job to be done, especially from a company such as Orbx that prides itself on the quality of it’s scenery products, and also for having worked with MSFS in development of the new simulator. Now the good news... These issues are fairly minor in the grand scheme of things. Nothing that can’t be ironed out with a bit of TLC.
  7. Simply awesome! Surprisingly, I think the products I’m looking forward to most are the POI packages! Scratch that.... I’m looking forward to ALL of your products!
  8. Some small areas may be a bit better with TE, but the question arises is it enough to warrant the cost for what may be a very small upgrade? Personally, for me, the answer is no. The global scenery in MSFS is more than enough for me. I’m interested in addon airports, additional POI, ai traffic (boats, cars, trains) etc.
  9. Great news about MSFS development! While I agree that TE may not be viable for MSFS (in it’s current form), I personally think that some sort of global (or continental) POI package from Orbx would be amazing. This is truly a VFR simulator. People are going to be flying low/slow over their hometowns and over the many wonders of the World. We know that MSFS inlcudes a handful of custom POI, but I’m thinking of iconic churches, more castles, iconic skyscrapers, etc. - the World over! P.S. - and obviously any airport that comes over is more than welcome
  10. With all due respect to the ORBX guys, I would love to be a fly on the wall in their Monday morning meeting. This may seal the fate of the TrueEarth series. At least in the long-term. Unless in-fact ORBX is involved somehow. But, regardless, satellite imagery cannot perfectly recreate airports up close, so we will still need ORBX for the airports! But if MS can do the entire planet (outside of airports) like this, then ORBX may need to rethink their TE/Region based approach.
  11. This is absolutely fantastic news! With all of this new technology, I dream of seeing some fantastic looking desert sceneries of the American Southwest!
  12. Really makes you wonder what other custom POI our deluxe editions had that have been forgotten about in later releases.
  13. I posted about this when FTX Norway first came out. Seems like it was only in The FSX Deluxe edition boxes. For some reason, people who got the basic FSX box, or downloaded later, or even those who got the FSX gold edition that included Acceleration, did not have the Bryggen in it. When I asked ORBX about it, hey had no clue it even existed in default FSX at all. It would definitely be nice to see it in P3D again.
  14. Alright, so I was doing some testing and I actually got it to look "right". ^^This is what I'm referring too. YOu can see the distant glow of far away cities. In order to achieve this, I restored the default P3Dv4 shaders and then only tweaked the "urban area lighting at night" feature in PTA. I set it to max, which is 15.0. This is taken over ZSPD with Global. So now I know that it is not a Global issue. However, the default shaders don't look very good in the daytime. Does anybody whose good at PTA know what option could cause this and know how to tweak THOPAT's profile to get distant cities to show up? Regards, Rob
  15. Yeah that's what I'm referring too. In v3, even with FTX Global and regions, cities and towns would illuminate or "glow" out to the horizon when up in the flight levels. The 3d lights weren't on obviously, but there was a certain luminance to the cities out in the distance that seems to have been lost when I made the switch to v4.
  16. So it seems like it happens to me in both Global areas and the FTX regions. Here are a few shots to demonstrate low/high and Global vs. Region. ^^here you can see I'm over Minneapolis (FTX Global) at a lower altitude. This looks pretty good to me. This pic is using Thopat's preset. However, I did increase the "urban areas lighting at night" field in PTA slightly up to 4.0. ^^Next, I slewed the acft up to the cruise levels without changing any settings, and this is what it looks like with Clear skies and unlimited vis. As you can see, the roads don't seem to be the issue as they show up really far out. However, the underlying urban textures luminosity is almost non-existant. ^^ on these two you in FTX NorCal (KSFO) you can see it's the same sort of issue as FTX Global. ^^ in this last one, I upped the "urban areas lighting at night" feature in PTA even higher. I upped it to 10.0. As you can see, this makes the street's a lot brighter at altitude. But down low, they are WAY too bright and yet it still does nothing for the underlaying urban textures for far away cities. I wish I could boot up v3 so I could take some comparison shots, but I unfortunately uninstalled it completely. Regards, Rob
  17. Standby a few minutes. I'll be back with some screens.
  18. Is it just me, or is it nearly impossible to see far away cities in P3Dv4? I have PTA with Thopat's preset, however, even with default FTX global I couldn't see far away cities. I have tried increasing "urban areas lighting at night" field in PTA, but this just makes the roads and highways unbelievably bright - It does nothing for the underlaying textures of urban areas at night. In v3, I could see the glow from cities out to the horizon and am really curious if any of you know how to achieve this in v4? It seems to be related to the FTX global urban night textures. Regards, Rob
  19. Drziewicki is developing a DC city scenery right now. I probably won't be buying it though as his New York scenery brings computers to their knees.
  20. The White House is in the screen. It's actually in the correct location too. It's just hard to see because there should be park all around it. I've mentioned this before. Yoy can see it right under the Analysis drop down menu. There should be park all around the reflecting pool as well. Regards, Rob
  21. Most of the Atlantic coast of Florida is also missing beaches in Vector.
  22. Sounds like a ground shadows. Try turning them off. This happens in P3D when flying low quite often.
  23. Haha no problem wolfko. I would absolutely love the Bahamas or Florida Keys! One of my favorite things to do in Flight Sim is island hop in which the Bahamas are perfect for! There are so many landing strips on those islands! But back to my original guess - alake Mead has the Hoover Dam and a ton of seaplane traffic. He did say it would include dams you could land on. We shall see. They will surprise us nonetheless! Cheers, Rob
  24. Yeah, but there aren't any dams in the Bahamas or Florida Keys since they are all little islands in the ocean.
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