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  1. Yes,very well done! Doc.
  2. Hi all, Loved the interesting comments on the exellent work on the PNG missions,the clouds are magic too as you can vary their detail in you weather setting if you want to make them less visable for some of the more difficult strips,there are plenty of these :-) ,anyway its all going to keep me flying and enjoying Orbx great work for a very long time! cheers,Doc
  3. Hi all, Yes that would be fantastic,but in all fairness it is simply outstanding as it is,to be honest , I fly there more often than not in my Quest Kodiak,a magic aircraft for this area,well done to you all! Doc.
  4. Wonderfull images,thanks for uploading in these troubling times! Doc
  5. Well we are all so different,I love it and use it a lot with my "Quest Kodiak",a really great aircraft that rarely gets a mention! Doc.
  6. Looks great,although I have seen no mention of difference in FPS with and without! Doc.
  7. Great info,thanks to all who commented,I will go on enjoying FSX and all the great software from Orbx without worrying about a few extra fps,better fuel up,Doc.
  8. Hi Jack, I too have been wondering if it would be worthwhile to go to SSDs but the size of the job is a bit daunting and my system works fine on two 1tb drives,a GTX1070,water cooled cpu etc,so I have just enjoyed what I have,Doc.
  9. Wonderfull,this is a GREAT aircraft,I fly in nothing else these days! Doc.
  10. That's GREAT news Jarrad,thank you,Doc
  11. Hi Guys, I haven't been to Africa but I have seen some of South Americas coastal regions where all of the rain falls on the other side of the huge mountain range,Peru gets no rain only sea mists for instance, so you really need to know a lot of the climate in the area before commenting too much,great work by the team anyway,Doc.
  12. Hi all, Great images,I often wonder if this aircraft would be as good,or better, on short strips as the Quest Kodiak that I have been using for all my PNG flights,the Kodiak has full glass screens with ,moving trace on the map etc,etc,wonder if anyone has tried both! Doc.
  13. Hi all, I have been putting off this upgrade for fear of problems that might occur but it went well,no dramas at all,very impressive,now to check out some of the remote airstrips etc,fun,fun,many thanks ORBX,great work again!,Doc
  14. Thank you for posting this,very interesting to say the least,Doc.
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