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  1. Thanks to all for kind words. Should be fully back 'in the groove' soon.
  2. Finally got around to hanging up my guns and checking out the latest patches. All shots straight from the 'V' key and in sequence. Thanks for looking in, more soon.
  3. We really need a much wider grin on the emoticons. It's not doing justice to how I look right now.
  4. England? Been ages since I was there, so from memory, my humble petition... The Cerne Abbas Giant. (He's a big lad) More cliffs and less rolling hills on Portland. (Grey not white, if possible) Remove oil tanks on Portland causeway. Maiden Castle (Iron Age hill fort just south of Dorchester). Longleat house and safari park - you could put some interesting creature flow there. Thanks for consideration.
  5. Interesting. Due to recent experiences elsewhere, I was on the verge of posting a thread about how civilised this place is compared to the testosterone-fueled combat flight sim forums I frequent. It's driven a lot of people away, I'm sure. Now here's he bottom line as far as I'm concerned - I like old aeroplanes. I like petending to fly them (sometimes I like to pretend to shoot other old aeroplanes down - you can analyse it until the cows come home, the Freudians and the Jungists would both have valid points to make, I'm sure. I would maintain that I just like old aeroplanes - some people like amature drama clubs and brewing their own beer, it's just a hobby). I've spent a fortune on add-ons, peripherals, books and toys to make the way I do my hobby as enjoyable as possible. It's nice to have a place to go where I can share this interest with like-minded people from all over the World - and trust me on this point - this place is the nicest one I've found. Long may it continue.
  6. If you're brave (or foolish) enough to take a trip upriver to Driftwood Depot, be sure to leave your engine ticking over. Something about that place made me want to get out in a hurry... More fine RTMM scenery by Brad Allen - complete with eerie sound effects.
  7. Careful, chaps. I started out thinking 'just one Spitfire would look nice on top of the monitor...' Then I got into the hard stuff - Mustangs, Jugs and Corsairs...
  8. That's great! So good to see people having a good time. Keep those shots coming!
  9. Lovely shots. Good to read that you're on the mend. Keep warm and take it easy.
  10. Great shots of some lovely scenery and a fine-looking ride.
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