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  1. These are the images I like to quiz friends asking if it's the real deal or not. Absolutely fantastic!
  2. At first glance I said "Hey, this is real... errr... oh, wait... no it's not". Seriously, it looks real. Fantastic!!!
  3. Thanks Iain, you're the best!
  4. Hi, Does anyone know what kinds of filters are used to enhance the images in the product pages? Is it some kind of Photoshop filter, like Nik Software, Alien Skin or something else? I want to reproduce this technique for the images I'm making. Thanks and cheers, J.
  5. Hi Bruce, the reason for my post is that I read a post that said that too. So now, for sure, this information is wrong. Hi Bill, it was just a curious doubt I had. I do praise developers that stick around, support, and interact, but what I really praise in developers is their attention for details. ORBX-FTX has a bucket full of it. The immersion you get is fantastic and it's like you are there, on the "real" world. This level of commitment is what separates most developers. It's not just a bunch of polygons wrapped around together, but something that the developer made with care and attention. I can say that very few have this "gift". Some are good, others are better, others go above and beyond. ORBX-FTX is the latter case.
  6. I know OrbX-FTX will not develop Portland KPDX airport and from what I read I agree with them. It's too much hassle to develop something that big. What I'm curious about is what happened to the original FlightZone designers? Have they moved to OrbX-FTX? This designer is like a myth to me. Portland KPDX was and I think it still is one of the best sceneries ever designed for a flight simulator. It's in my top 10 list. So, if they around how can I get an autograph?
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