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  1. In my opinion I feel that is unfair comparison...MSFS 2020 will always be better scenery wise out of the box due to using Bing/Google maps. Dave
  2. Thank you Rob, Looking at current use I will be safe to keep all my Orbx add-ons and reinstate the XML file when asked.. Going to be hard work but looks like worth it in the end.. Dave
  3. Hi Rob, Thank you... I will go for a full re install this time, looks like it needs it as per your advice. Dave
  4. Hi Rob, How did you get your TE regions working? I have updated to 5.3 and they no longer show. Dave
  5. Another great video...you seem to have you sim tuned very well...do you mind sharing your settings please?
  6. On reflection..it did not work.. In central the size of the library is 0 I am at a loss now I thought this system was to alleviate a full reinstall..
  7. Hi Nick, Whilst this worked they are now still not showing up in sim.. All my products are now showing as installed but do not show up in sim..
  8. Hi Doug, Already tried that...if finds the library on the scan but won't let me use it because it's not empty.. And none of my products show as installed and yet I have over 200 showing as found..
  9. Thanks Doug but that did not work... Still refuses to accept the folder but the sync was successful..
  10. Hello, I have cause to reinstall windows 10 after an issue, it wiped my access to Orbx Central.. I had to re download it, but it is now asking for my library outside of the simulator and when I point to the existing populated one it will not accept it as it days it needs to be empty.. I have practically every Orbx scenery so do not want to lose them.. How can I get it to use my existing library.. Dave
  11. I have been using my 55" LG OLED TV for just about a week now... Both sims that I use (Prepar3d v 5.2 HF1) and MSFS are breathtaking...Prepar3d looks a different sim and not far behind MSFS.. Smoothness has improved and upped the immersion factor. Expensive yes but most certainly worth it. I am so happy I went the OLED route.. Dave
  12. Hi Guys, The only DXGI memory error issue I come across only involves Pilot Plus products..Is it me or has anybody else encountered this. If so how did you fix it? Dave
  13. and you may find every time Windows 10 updates it reverts back... That's what I found, very frustrating.. Dave
  14. Hello Rockliffe, If you do not want to build them yourself, check out the GoFlight modules. I have several and find them excellent and with FSUIPC and or Spad.Next very easy to program. Dave
  15. Hello, I have just purchased some TE regions in the end of year sale.. With Oregon and Washington what regions do they replace?...does Washington replace Pacific Northwest so I need to uninstall it? What about Oregon? The 2 California's were self explanatory (I hope) Dave
  16. Enlightened me to Christopher.. I will try your mods.. Thank you Dave
  17. Hello, Flying out of KRDU with Orbx Global enabled I can see Black scenry tiles with orange lights bleeding through the existing scenery. it's as if the night time tiles are being used even though it is the middle of the day.. Any suggestion please? Dave
  18. On a seperate issue I got this for Prepar3d v4.. I can see no mention of an update and nothing allowing me to buy the v5 at a discount unless I am missing something.. Dave
  19. As True Earth products have been discounted for Prepar3d v5 is there a special budle price for the USA versions... I own all the regions previously released. Dave
  20. Look great Ams, Do you mind sharing your settings as I would like to give them a try. Dave
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