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  1. Brilliant shots. Only live an hour away and still can't believe how spot on the scenery is...!
  2. I don't know what you consider "warts" but this is just wonderful stuff John - can't wait!
  3. Can't wait for the P3D version...
  4. Shot 2 has me really excited Iain - road traffic juddering along on vector roads has always been somewhat of an immersion killer in P3D, and the new tech seems to have finally fixed that thanks to the photoscenery. Can't wait!
  5. Stunning stuff Iain! Thanks very much, but hopefully it isn't too much longer for those famous words...
  6. Can't wait for the P3D version! Perhaps you can release seasonal packs John (as someone else had suggested) if it simplifies things...
  7. Thanks very much for the early impressions from P3D, Jarrad - that's great to hear! I'd second the recommendation to run photoscenery off an SSD for P3D - I only run Hawaii Photoreal, but it certainly did make a difference in how quickly the tiles resolved on my system. Also wanted to add that I was experiencing blurries with Gold Coast (which uses the same tech) but this was traced down to to a conflict with AU and Vector - since getting that sorted, terrain draw has been sharp even into the distance; here's hoping that's a good preview for how the other TrueEarth regions will behave...
  8. Glad you're happy with your new setup (and as Triplane noted, all the sims have their little "idiosyncrasies"...). Things are about to get even more exciting with the release of the new ORBX regions with the photoreal tech, so you certainly picked a good time!
  9. Thanks all! I'm still hoping to get to the bottom of the slow-loading textures... currently going through each of my entries in the scenery library to troubleshoot.
  10. Hi there, I have an issue with the new Gold Cost scenery (which doesn't manifest itself with any other FTX region / addon) - there is a significantly increased scenery load time (holding @6% during the scenario load) and textures remain blurred and don't "snap-in" as expected. All other ORBX regions and airports load extremely fast (installed an SSD), and there are no issues with blurred textures, even at a distance. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks. p.s. On an unrelated note, I also noticed an artifact visible just past the coast - please see below (nav coordinates are in the screenshot)
  11. Lovely scenery - nice job team! However, I am also noticing increased scenery load times (holding @6% during the scenario load) and textures blurring more than any other FTX region. Is that a symptom of the new tech, and any suggestions outside of the recommended settings in the manual? Many thanks
  12. Beautiful - just beautiful Misha! This is the level of quality (specifically integration of HQ textures and autogen) I'm hoping all FF Orbx regions can eventually replicate...
  13. Happy Birthday Marcus, and fantastic work! Really hope you're working on other large airports as the quality to performance ratio is phenomenal...
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