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  1. Thanks Karsten for your words and for the compliments. I studied this method for 3 years, it's a bit complicated but not impossible. I hope to be able to finish the next projects for XPlane 11.
  2. Thanks to everyone and to orbx for this opportunity. I tried to improve the already good scenery of the Monumnet Valley for FSX. It was not easy ... X-Plane offers beautiful graphics and very realistic light effects, but developing scenery is much more complicated than FSX. However, from a scenic point of view, I consider X-Plane superior to FSX and P3D, I can't express myself on airplanes / avionics, but it is certainly improving also in that sector. X-Plane is gaining many admirers. My choice of developing for x-Plane, even if more complicated, is only for an aesthetic reason. One of the most difficult problems to solve in X-Plane are the meshes. To be able to position the 3D models it is necessary to modify the meshes and this implies a remarkable work of patience. Unfortunately, the only mesh compilator that we have available is very unstable and doesn't allow a job of great precision, for every small change you have to recompile the whole degree, with all the consequences. I have to thank my friend, collaborator, Fabio Bellini who in this field has helped me in a decisive way. It will be available soon.
  3. Thank you all .... I am working to the Brenta Dolomites .. a great and charming scenery !!
  4. For full disclosure - Matterhorn 3D, Italian side PS: with FTX Global (Base+Vector+OpenLcEu) There are still problems of overlap.
  5. Sorry but my Matterhorn, is not a wallpaper but a real 3D model, reconstructed with DEM detailed, real textures ... 3 months of work.
  6. I was called into question by Stillwater ... here are some of my Dolomites ...
  7. Are experiments, testing scenery ... will be available when it will complete the area of Lake Powel + Page city
  8. .... thanks to you Rodger, perhaps, yours.... is the best compliment! In Orbx there are many skilled craftsmen!
  9. Thanks Maurizio, I fully share your observation and explanation. As mentioned, my technique refers to the mountains with vertical walls, not in wooded areas with limited slope. The 3D models are empty, you can not insert the autogen. The placement and insertion in photorealistic scenery (PR) ... is the real hard problem. Variations in color, smooth transition, shadows still on PR ... are all issues to be resolved. Also meshes below should be modified to accommodate the 3D model without overlapping. When a DEM is translated into object (OBJ) loses all geographical coordinate ... and need to place the object manually, be attentive to "scale", size, altitude ... It takes a lot of experience. The most striking example is the 3 peaks of Lavaredo: The summary of all the difficulties in building a 3D model (as real) My Alpine scenery freeware (aren't longer available for several months), are limited to a single season and for most are planar type and PR. How they are made, they aren't interested in Orbx, if it's a project Orbx, must be completely redone and adapted to mesh.
  10. I agree with you ... the Western Alps are a great scene ... there are also many airports (mainly in Switzerland) ... But was chosen GERMANY ... and there aren't mountains. The Matterhorn !! .... I have many versions, here's the latest:
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions, very interesting. The mountains 3D (3D objects) of all over the planet, it would a project ambitious and very stimulating. But without a scenery support (airports, cities, vegetation ....) it would not have much success. On the contrary, I should be doing 3D mountains of existing scenery. ... EIGER example, the scenery Swiss Pro (pay) has the vertical wall of the Eiger very roughly. my reconstruction is faithful to reality: I am available to work with other developers (Orbx) with this objective.
  12. Thank you all for the comments ... As I said, these are experimental models for the study of 3D technology. There is a lot of manual work (handicraft) and little automation. Each mountain is studied thoroughly (each side) and reconstructed on the basis of the original DEM. I do manual retouching to improve the appearance. Normally i use 3D professional graphics programs. For UV maps i use "unfold3D" and "UVMapper" , cropping areas manually texture, according to the characteristics of the mountains (ridges, peaks, canyons, glaciers ....). I apply photographic textures, following exactly the features of the mountain. For the building a mountain in 3D, need about 20 steps, in total 15-18 hours of work (in several days). The main problem is still the placement in FSX (P3D). I must change the base-mesh, modify the ground to enter the model without overlapping. Long work with many attempts. And 'This is the hardest part. The end result can reward all the work. here is the "best" Devils Tower before and after my job.
  13. Study and search for new solutions. (Taken from my blog "http://scenarialpinifsx.blogspot.it/") After the recent polls, I would like to introduce you to the development of my recent studies to improve the 3D technique.. 1) improvement of the technique of texture 4K Alps, Grand Jorasse 3D model, comparison 2K - 4K: If we approach the wall, the difference is more sensitive: 2) Technical 3D construction, differences compared to conventional models, orthophotos + DEM. Example Mont Blanc (Alps): The difference is remarkable, even if the shape of the mountain with the sun conventional mesh (LOD11) are very valid. Another example, Rocky Mountains Area Lake Powell Arizona, Tower Butte: This tower is also possible to land, there is a helicopter service to start from Page city . In the same area, the famous "horseshoe" horseshoebaned in 3D, in this case a mountain upside down: Another area Rocky Mountains, this time to the north in Canada, one of the lakes (Lake Moraine) most photographed: in the US in Wyoming Grand Teton National Park, part of the beautiful scenery Orbx KJAC: A recent poll on the forum Orbx, I had several suggestions, repeatedly requested the scenery of Mount Rushmore the famous presidents carved into the rock. In FSX basic we are already represented, I tried a more detailed version of the famous faces: This is the classic case of a small scenario, very detailed but limited in expansion, which may have little success, despite the considerable efforts and the exceptional nature of construction. Such as the famous waterfalls of the Angels in Venezuela: Completely different, but it has found little enthusiasm in the recent poll ... the EVEREST + 8000 mt mountains: Monsoon season This scenery is undoubtedly very large, but everything completely mountainous ... Ideal scenery for a developer of 3D mountains. Build scenery commercial or freeware is always a very complex work. Not all construction phases are stimulating, but often repetitive and very influenced by other factors (mesh of third parties, lack of standard models ...). Each developer has their own method of work, most artisanal, no automatism. Often a good risult obtained, is undercut (at the user level), for the different configurations of the simulator, which may be optimal for a type of scenario and on the contrary very bad for others. For my part, I have to be honest, i'm more stimulated by small detailed scenery, rather than large scenery. Thanks for your attention.
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