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  1. The First of many new Liveries for MSFS at the amazing EGNM.
  2. it seems like I have not posted in ages here are a coupe of extras in the new sim its pretty nice indeed defo next gen just need more Orbx
  3. I have been Testing MSF2020 from the start in my humble opinion there is still a need for Orbx True earth type products in some places .
  4. Thanks Everybody for your comments, I will share my settings with my next post if anyone is interested
  5. Love Cruising around the Isle of man in one of my fav planes the mighty Tomahawk, IOM it seems to have a dynamic weather system as most of the time I get hopelessly lost. thanks for looking. M
  6. This is what I faced when doing a short hop from the Isle of Man to Liverpool one late November evening in Alpha Jet A. In truth I crashed somewhere near Liverpool conditions were appalling but on the way got some atmospheric screens. thanks for looking.
  7. Hi Chaps , thanks so much for your fine comments, with Regards to SETTINGS and rig Pete, I have everything set to to max expect reflections which is set to minimal. I have a pretty powerful rig running 2 x rtx 2080 ti with 11gb of vram per card and with 32 gig of System Ram and intel i9 9900. it does run hot so its water cooled. My screen is the most fantastic Acer xr382cqk 38 inch curved it runs at resloution 3840x1600. The biggest FPS hog is Xenviro but I can't fly with out it. But I get still get fps around 30-40 in most areas. cheers and keep screenshooting . M
  8. A few shots showing the glory of true earth uk with big skies with rather small planes. thanks for looking.
  9. Thanks All , these were take using XP11.40 and Xenviro 1.12 and which I think is the best so far lots of small glitches still but the cloud depth and the way the plane transitions through cloud layers in my opinon nothing come s close. thanks again M
  10. I flew through this nice cloudscape yesterday had just departed the amazing Orbx Edinburgh Airport, then quickly popped over to London city airport the joy of sims thanks for looking. M
  11. Its been a fair while since I posted any screen basically got a whole new set up main thing being a next level racing Motion simulator cockpit and a yoke from Honeycomb, a new cockpit and to top it all bought a super wide screen curved screen which I think has made the such a big difference have a look see what yet think and thanks for looking. M
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