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  1. Hi Doug Thanks for the clarification Wayne
  2. Hi Holger Mesh is coming up in Orbx central under V5, should this be installed I remember reading somewhere not to install it as P3DV5 has better mesh, Thanks Wayne
  3. Hi I noticed Brisbane, Melbourne and Coffs Harbour not coming up in Orbx Central for P3D V5, will they eventually work in P3d V5 as I dont even see them on the list of airports that will be compatable thanks Wayne
  4. Hi I have the full FTX AU region installed for Australia and all the commercial airports, is there any benefit to adding Global Base and or Global Vector or is the dedicated FTX AU regions for Australia more detailed than Global Base or Global Vector and would they even play together nicely, thanks Wayne
  5. Hi orbx team Orbx true earth looks amazing, any plans to recreate australia with this new technology Wayne
  6. Hey John Gold Coast brings my system to its knees, sim running great with FTX Australia so when I depart out of YBAF as soon as I get near gold coast and its starts to render its a slide slow lol, probably due to my Graphics card as I see you have a titan I'm doing an upgrade soon so hopefully I will be able to use then as its not ideal to run on a notebook, cheers Wayne
  7. Hi all I have p3dv4.2 running at default settings on an asus rog notebook i7 with 32gigs, 870m graphics on windows 10, i have ftx australia and a bunch of australian airports, flying the a2a c172 its performing better than i expected anywhere from 45 to 18 frames depending in the airport complexity its even smooth flying the pmdg 737 ngx, regarding gold coast my system cant even render it, just a mess of black and popping scenery, i knew if would be performance intensive but its unusable for me, have to see what happens after new pc build soon Wondering if others are struggle to render it
  8. Sorry if this has been answered will there be a cost for the new airport installers for p3d v2 i have a bunch of au airports to move across down the track, thanks john love your work Wayne
  9. Thanks heaps orbx team best thing to ever hsppen to flight sim was orbx Wayne
  10. Hello I have purchased all the FTX AU regions for AU separately years ago, I would really like to have them all in the one download but should I really have to pay for this again. My only other option is download them all again from Flightsim store so I can use them in P3D V2. If I already own them cant see why I cant have access to the single installer file I saw today for sale at the online store, cheers Wayne
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