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  1. In which case massive thanks to you both for consulting and then getting it sorted, Yes I loaded up the F22 near Clacton CLN and smooth as butter I couldn't turn down the effects slider as I use FSFX packages immersion ranges (part of their beta team) so the file you provided worked wonders! Thanks again Ryan
  2. I cant express how thankful I am for this! Like really, have a fantastic remaining of your evening/ day/ night/ wherever you may be. Thank you very very very much sir!
  3. Nick, Thanks for your response so swiftly, I didn't mean to make it sound like I was lecturing and in your own words you said that you have been attempting to 'provide the missing support'. On the ORBX website the company states it offers no telephone, e-mail support and instead this is the official outlet for support so the fact that this has arisen multiple times and not been fixed is obviously quite tiresome and although it is Pilot's who made it for ORBX, the sales agreement and the marketing/ publishing is by ORBX who are then ultimately responsible for the end product. I appreciate you re-sending the requests regarding this. Also i've not posted any pictures or videos? I've not flown into/ out of Clacton, I've had the issue when flying my aircraft near the CLN Clacton VOR. The issue is fine when ORBX England is installed, the freezes only occur when it's FTX Vector only, when you have EU England enabled it trumps the Vector files in that area so it's fine, I have all ORBX EU sceneries but I'm wanting to run a leaner setup using only Global, OpenLC and Vector products - unfortunately now I am having to run with Vector disabled. Thanks, Ryan
  4. In which case I'd like this raised for a hotfix then as it's essentially making the product not fit for this use and there's no reason why it hasn't been addressed yet. My purchase agreement is with ORBX for this so I'd expect ORBX to fix it or remedy this. I note you're the moderator Nick, can you please pass a message onto the developers accordingly to bring this to their attention again and follow up as to when we will see a fix - I'd be happy to guinea pig any fixes as right now I've got a product thats 80 Dollars (AUD) and can't be used. Thanks, Ryan
  5. *nudge* Support Please? This really needs resolved as otherwise its unusable for me as all my flights route over CLN, I've now been flying for ages without Vector because of this.
  6. Update; Uninstalled and re-installed fresh both from a zip file and also from Orbx servers through FTX Central and same issue occurs, it seems that somehow this file above is conflicting with something within P3D or FSX Scenery library - would appreciate support reach out please since this is the only support method provided?
  7. Also experiencing this just now and only way to resolve is disable Vector CVX + EVX or remove the bgl file (4813_WTR_Waterbodies.bgl) Although it then causes issues with coastline near netherlands. ORBX please resolve this as it's come and went for years, I only resolved it last time by installing FTX England but I don't wish to use regions just now only Global, OpenLC and Vector. If anyone is able to send me the 4813_WTR_Waterbodies.bgl file I could try it incase it's a corruption as the freezes only occur when its used, if I delete the BGL no freezes occur but then obviously I have issues with the coastline of the UK & Netherlands in that area.
  8. Looks good but quick Q: Dynamic lights - I take it this will be an option within FTX Central for Innsbruck (& future sceneries) to disable this and have legacy lights as well? As we all know, add dynamic lights + complex airliner + 4k and see graphics card wanting to jump out the window... Hoping LM refine it as it matures but in the interim I've found it necessary to disable dynamic lights at airports unfortunately with my 980ti and 4k monitor w/ pmdg aircraft. Thanks
  9. I think this is probably my first domestic route in South America ever in Flight Simulator (started back in fs2000 days?), Incredible textures and the whole feeling when approaching SBGR felt like what I've seen on TV
  10. Just a few from yesterdays departure from Innsbruck... All straight from the sim
  11. Preparing Southwest service from SAN to DEN Final walkaround with the city in the background After a couple of hours enroute, arrival into Denver Time for that quick turn in Denver after arriving onto Stand Visibility begins to drop as a weather system moves in, but not to worry... we have snacks! Climbing through the moisture out of Denver After breaking through the layer of cloud we're presented with some towering CB's of which we had to vector around After an approach into 27 and passing over that infamous car park we're down safe - and on time back in San Diego.
  12. With the rumour mill that project P is a p3d 64bit - do you define this is an emerging platform or as in p3d? If so is there any indication of the upgrade prices for addons for this ?
  13. Disappointing the changes without any advance warning, I also won't be adding any more products as I use my paypal for all my online 'hobby' purchases. @Ripcord they really don't need the 'backup', regardless of Stripe, that's not my concern or issue as a consumer/ customer... The feature was there and removed by ORBX as 'are not satisfying our requirements. ' Well in that case, the payment options in ORBX Global don't 'satisfy' my requirements... hopefully you decide to redact on this.
  14. Hi, I use the 'blue haze' config from the ultimate realism pack along with their replacement sun effect 1 and the Reshade config.. Here's everything: Ultimate Realism Shader Pack v0.9: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rl2cw000vwmflfa/Ultimate Realism Pack v0.95.zip?dl=0P3D Tweak AssistantReShade v1.1 (using profile in the dropbox file above) Hope that helps, Ryan
  15. Yeah - Using it alongside sky textures from ASCA/AS16 It's made the Orbx mountainous regions look splendid too... going to take a jet up the mach loop in Wales later.
  16. Catching the early morning sun on a typical RYR departure out of Stansted on our way to Palma.
  17. High Definition... when a picture says more than words.
  18. Ditto.. none of the download links are working for me now... just have indefinite 'Connecting' in Download Manager... sigh
  19. We're not looking for the 'release date' John, we're wanting the release window Anyway as per big John (big cheese) post; are we still looking this week or? You know you just have to either nod or shake the head - that wouldn't really count as saying now...
  20. Why not reach out to customers having issues and release an interim fix to see? considering that those affected aren't able to use their sims (myself included) just now because of the issue it would make your customers feel as if they are being 'involved' in resolving the issue rather than waiting around for when your beta testers have time to test it when going by the fact it was released and this occurred then their systems didn't have the issues in the first place.
  21. 'This week' apparently, although reading this forum it's been an issue for almost a month now for users reporting issues here...
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